The Sweet Success of Yum Crumbs After Shark Tank

Yum Crumbs


Meet Yum Crumbs, the innovative dessert toppings company that’s changing the way we think about sprinkles. Founded by Delson Jeanvilma, this family-owned business caught the attention of millions on Shark Tank Season 15, securing a deal with none other than Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John. Let’s take a closer look at how Yum Crumbs is making desserts sweeter one crumb at a time.

The Yum Crumbs Story

In the heart of 2020, amidst uncertain times, Delson Jeanvilma embarked on a sweet adventure — Yum Crumbs. What started with just $300 and a kitchen experiment has now become a dessert revolution. Here’s how it all began:

Yum Crumbs Story
  • Humble Beginnings: With a vision to reinvent dessert toppings, Delson started Yum Crumbs with a simple idea and a modest budget.
  • A Family Affair: The journey wasn’t just about desserts; it was about bringing people together. Delson, along with his son Zayden, turned their family kitchen into a laboratory for sweetness.
  • The Mission: Yum Crumbs was more than a business; it was a mission to add a dash of joy and innovation to every dessert.

From these modest beginnings, Yum Crumbs has grown into a brand recognized for its creativity and quality, proving that great things often start from small beginnings.

Shark Tank Spotlight

The stage was set for Yum Crumbs on Shark Tank Season 15, Episode 7, where Delson and his son, Zayden, stepped into the tank with high hopes and a flavorful pitch. Here’s a taste of what happened:

The Pitch: Armed with an array of colorful and delicious crumbs, Delson presented his business to the Sharks, emphasizing not just the taste but the innovative concept behind Yum Crumbs. During their pitch, Delson highlighted the exceptional quality and unique ingredients that set Yum Crumbs apart. With impressive lifetime sales reaching $1.7 million up to 2023, and projected sales for the year set at $900,000 with an estimated profit of $200,000, the Sharks saw a tasty opportunity.

The Deal: The negotiation heated up when Daymond John initially offered $100,000 for 25% equity, countered by Kevin O’Leary’s offer for the same amount at 20% equity. Ultimately, Daymond teamed up with Barbara Corcoran to secure the deal at $100,000 for 20% equity, sweetening the pot for both Yum Crumbs and the Sharks.

Shark Synergy: The partnership with Barbara and Daymond was more than financial; their expertise and networks promised to catapult Yum Crumbs to new heights.

This episode wasn’t just a win for Yum Crumbs; it was a testament to the power of family, innovation, and the sweet taste of success.

Product Innovation and Variety

Product Innovation and Variety

Yum Crumbs stands out in the dessert world for its inventive approach to toppings. Moving beyond the realm of ordinary sprinkles, they’ve cooked up a storm of flavors and options:

  • Flavor Fiesta: With over 26 mouth-watering flavors, including favorites like Strawberry-Shortcake, Chocolate Eclair, and Banana Cream Pie, there’s a crumb for every palate.
  • Health-Conscious Options: Catering to various dietary needs, Yum Crumbs offers gluten-free and sugar-free choices, ensuring everyone can indulge without compromise.
  • Seasonal Sensations: Their creativity shines with seasonal offerings such as Santa Claus Toppings and Candy Cane, adding festive cheer to holiday treats.
  • Sample Pack and Pricing: Yum Crumb makes it easy for customers to explore their wide variety of flavors with a sample pack of 26 flavors for just $19.99. For those who find their favorite, larger packs are available in 12oz ($12.99), 32oz (sale price $29.99), and 64oz ($44.99) sizes.
  • Subscriptions and Discounts: For enthusiasts looking to regularly indulge in Yum Crumbs’ delightful offerings, subscriptions are available with a sweet 15% discount, ensuring a steady sprinkle of joy in every dessert.

This dedication to variety and innovation not only sets Yum Crumbs apart but also showcases their commitment to enhancing every dessert experience.

Business Growth and Strategy

Yum Crumbs’ journey from a fledgling startup to a burgeoning brand is a blend of strategic moves and sweet opportunities. Here’s how they’ve grown and continue to expand their market presence:

  • Targeting Bulk Sales: By focusing on bulk orders to businesses such as convenience stores and bakeries, Yum Crumbs has positioned itself as a go-to supplier for dessert enhancements.
  • Notable Clientele: Securing Wawa as their biggest client not only boosted their sales but also validated the quality and appeal of their products in the competitive market.
  • Expanding Product Lines: The introduction of DIY dessert kits and partnerships, like the one with True Scoops for DIY ice-cream sandwich kits, demonstrates Yum Crumbs’ adaptability and commitment to innovation.

With the backing of sharks Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John, Yum Crumb is poised for even greater growth, leveraging their expertise to reach new heights in the dessert topping industry.

Social Media and Community Engagement

In today’s digital age, a strong social media presence is key to a brand’s growth and Yum Crumbs is no exception. Their vibrant and engaging online persona has played a significant role in their post-Shark Tank success:

  • Engaging Content: Yum Crumbs utilizes social media to showcase their colorful and diverse range of products, posting mouth-watering photos and videos that capture the imagination and taste buds of their audience.
  • Building a Community: Through interactive posts, giveaways, and customer spotlights, Yum Crumb has fostered a community of dessert enthusiasts who share a love for baking and creativity.
  • Customer Feedback and Testimonials: Social media platforms serve as a space for Yum Crumbs to gather valuable customer feedback, which in turn helps them to refine their products and services.

This dynamic social media strategy not only boosts Yum Crumbs’ visibility but also strengthens their brand identity, making them a well-loved name in kitchens and bakeries alike.

The Shark Tank Effect

The appearance of Yum Crumbs on Shark Tank was more than just a pitch; it was a pivotal moment that propelled them into the limelight. Here’s how the Shark Tank effect and mentorship from Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John have contributed to their journey:

  • Immediate Exposure: Being featured on Shark Tank introduced Yum Crumbs to millions of viewers, significantly boosting brand awareness and driving a surge in sales.
  • Strategic Mentorship: The expertise and networks of Barbara and Daymond have been invaluable. Their guidance has helped Yum Crumb navigate the complexities of scaling a business, from marketing strategies to distribution channels.
  • Long-Term Growth: The deal with the Sharks wasn’t just a financial boost; it was an endorsement of Yum Crumbs’ potential. This partnership has opened doors and created opportunities for sustained growth and innovation.

The Shark Tank effect has indeed been sweet for Yum Crumbs, underscoring the impact of strategic partnerships and media exposure in the entrepreneurial world.


The journey of Yum Crumbs from a small startup to a Shark Tank sensation and beyond is a testament to the power of innovation, strategic partnerships, and community engagement. Here’s a recap and what the future might hold:

  • Innovation at Its Core: Yum Crumbs redefined dessert toppings with their unique flavors and health-conscious options, proving that creativity can transform even the simplest of concepts.
  • Strategic Growth: Through smart business strategies, like targeting bulk sales and expanding their product line, Yum Crumb has established itself as a major player in the dessert industry.
  • Community and Engagement: Their vibrant social media presence and engagement with customers have built a loyal following, further propelling their brand.
  • The Shark Tank Legacy: The mentorship and investment from Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John have been instrumental in navigating growth challenges, setting Yum Crumb up for continued success.

As Yum Crumbs continues to sprinkle joy and flavor across desserts everywhere, their story remains an inspiring example for aspiring entrepreneurs. The future looks sweet for Yum Crumbs, and we can’t wait to see where their journey takes them next.