How To Set Up HP Printer With WPS Pin?

WPS means wifi protected setup is a process that allows you to easily connect network devices to a secure wireless network. The WPS pin printer is a type of printer which connects the laptop through this pin.

This pin is displayed on the led screen of the printer when you are wirelessly trying to connect it to pc.

How to find this WPS Pin Code?

Follow the procedure:

  1. Click on the “home” tab and then click on “settings
  2. Under settings select “network settings”.
  3. Now, select “Internet settings” and then select “wireless
  4. Select “manual registration” and then select “WPS Pin
  5. A list of available SSIDs (access points) appears. Select the network name (SSID) you want.
  6. The PIN code (8 digits) of the receiver appears on the TV screen. Leave the PIN code displayed until the connection is complete. (A different PIN code is displayed each time you perform this operation.)
  7. Input the receiver’s PIN code into the wireless LAN router/access point.
  8. The receiver starts connecting to the network. For details, refer to the messages that appear on the TV screen.
    After the network settings are complete,  lights up on the display panel.


SSIDs that do not support WPS PIN will appear dimmed and cannot be selected in step 5.

Point of information

WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) is a standard created by the Wi-Fi Alliance allowing you to set up a wireless network easily and securely.

See [Information] when checking the network settings.

For details on entering the PIN code into the wireless LAN router/access point, refer to the operating instructions of your wireless LAN router/access point.

Since we got to know what is WPS Pin and how to get connected, now we need to how to find the WPS pin for the HP printer.

wps pin hp prnter

WPS Pin Setup For Printer

We find this pin to establish a connection. Basically, you need to go to the control panel and press the wireless button or settings button. Later, select the wifi protected setup and follow the instructions given by its command by command. Further, select the WPS button. After doing this, the printer will ask you to press the WPS button the wireless router

Next moment of your press on the router, go to the printer and press continue for wireless connection. Finally, a connection is established. Print the required documents. Or else you do this directly with WPS pin.

Press the button o located at the back of the machine for 3 seconds or more and do that with a pointed object like a toothpick.

hp printer wps pin

Let printer do its job, it will print an 8 digits pin code which you have to keep safe. This access is granted for the next five minutes.

Now, use the computer on the network and open the webpage http://access_point_ip_address/

Go to the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) setting page and input the PIN from the printed page to the Registrar and follow the on-screen instruction.

Now, comes a problem that is, the setting page is different, depending on the brand of access point or router. Check the instruction manual that came with your access point or router.

The method is almost the same except for vista.

To do so the Windows Vista computer as a Registrar, you need to register it to your network in advance. Follow the procedure to get the required results.

  1. Click on the “start” menu and then click “network”
  2. Now, click on “add a wireless device
  3. Search and choose your printer and click “next
  4. Enter the Pin from the printed page and then click “next
  5. Choose your network you want to connect to and then click “next”
  6. Finally, click “close

How to check the result of the above outcome, here away.

The below table says to be ready for the LED (Go button) of your printer to indicate connection succeeded. (See the table below) This indication means the machine has successfully connected to your access point or router. You can now use your printer on the wireless network.

If the LED indicates connection failed (See the table below), the machine has not successfully connected to your router or access point. In such cases, do the entire procedure again and check if it still pertains then reset the machine back to default factory settings and do again.

These are the ways to fin pin for hp printer.

HP Printer Technician

Call 1-888-272-9xxx toll-free number, if you are not able to set up a WPS pin for hp printer. The Hp Printer Technicians are available round the clock to help the customer. If you are also encountering any kind of issue then contact hp printer support.

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