Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

wondershare filmora

Wondershare Filmora is a very good video editor for amateurs as well as professionals. It is an easy-to-learn professional-grade software package that doesn’t require too much learning to get started to it.

It lets you improve and enhance your videos and also empowers you to start your career or follow your passion in the video industry by enchanting your videos with professional-grade effects and transitions.

You’ll be amazed at the capabilities of the Filmora video editor and won’t believe in the results as you can make incredible awesome videos without much knowledge of the software. It can run smoothly on lower-end PCs even with functions such as: motion tracking, 360° video editing, masking tools, batch mode video rendering.

It has tools such as special effects, transitions, and many other professional-grade tools to get you started quickly. You can easily share your project with others and on internet by sharing it on social media, video sharing platforms, mobile devices, or DVDs.

Wondershare’s Filmora offers all the standard tools of video editing like trimming, transitions, and overlays, along with advanced professional level futuristic effects used in enthusiast-level video editing.

Filmora also has the latest new generation editing features and effects along with movie like transitions.

Filmora plans and prices-

For Windows

wondershare filomra

For Mac

wondershare filomra

System requirement for Filmora Video Editor

Before installing Wondershare Filmora software, you should update your graphics driver.

  • Filmora can run on Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10/Windows 11 ( 64 bit OS).
  • Minimum processor-  Intel i3, 2GHz or above.
  • You’ll need Intel 6th minimum to process 4K videos.
  • RAM Requirements: 4 GB RAM
  • Ram requirements for HD and 4K videos – 8GB
  • You’ll need minimum Intel HD Graphics 5000, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or AMD Radeon R5.
  • Disk: 10 GB free space for installation and SSD recommended for HD and 4K videos.
  • A stable internet connection.

Wondershare Filmora Features:

Basic Features: Filmora is fully featured with all the basic video editing features such as cropping, trimming, brightness controls, splitting, rotating, as well as volume controls.

Motion Tracking: You can append an element to any moving object with the help of motion tracking.

Zooming and Panning: You must have seen the zooming and video frame moving slowly and smoothly in movies. It can be easily achieved using filmora.

Color Matching: This feature is developed to make colors match the colors of video from another clip.

Keyframing: You can customize any animation by adjusting keyframes to change the position, scale, opacity, rotations of a clip.

Stabilization: Shaky clips can be made into smooth videos by stabilizing the video.

Audio Ducking: You can fade background music to make it more clear to listen. It can be helpful for listening monologues or dialogues.

Colour Grading: If there is a mismatch of colors due to the lightning conditions while shooting, it can be made into a better looking video by filmora color grading feature.

Green Screen: You must have seen in movies and professional videos that people sitting in a room have backgrounds of mountains or beaches. It is done by chroma key with help of green screen.

Tilt Shift: Tilt-shift effect is available in filmora.

Picture in Picture: A frame inside another frame. Yes, this cool and futuristic effect and be applied on filmora.

Shortcuts: Shortcuts for effects can be created via new hotkey commands.

Effects Library: Filmora comes with many preset.

Dark Mode: Filmora support dark mode in its interface.

How to download and install Wondershare Filmora-

Go to https://filmora.wondershare.com/guide-mac/download-install-register-update.html

Then Find this link and download the software according to your operating system.

Now open the installation file and click Agree to open the installer.

Follow the steps given in the installer.

Wait for the installation to complete and click finish.

Close the installer after Filmora launches successfully.

Filmora project handling basics

Create a new project

Open Filmora and choose the “New Project” option.

You can also go to File > New option to create a new project in the Mac version.

While creating the project, You can set the resolution, frame rate, and aspect ratio of the project by clicking the “Project Settings” button.

Open a project

To open an existing project, Launch Filmora Video Editor and go to “File” Menu and choose “Open Project” or “Open Recent” to open a saved project.

Save a project

While working if you want to save your project to work on it later, then you can save your project at the current state.

  • To save a project in default folder, go to file menu and select the “Save Project” option.
  • To save the project in different format or destination, click on “Save Project As” option.

Archive a project

If you want to switch between devices then you can archive your projects in Filmora video editor.

Inside the “File” menu, click on the “Archive Project” option to archive the project into a zipped file as .zip format file. You can transfer the project as the zip file and extract the zip file on another device then double-click on the .wve file to open it in another device.

How to remove watermark from Filmora output video

There will be a watermark of Filmora on your videos in the free version when you export them.

Here’s how you can remove the watermark-

1. Save your project file in a folder without deleting the media used in project.

2. Upgrade to a paid version of Filmora Software

3. Reopen the project and register

Open the project again and click the account icon and login with your Wondershare ID.

4. Export your project.