Wireless Mouse stopped working? Here are some tips to fix this

Our basic computer system or desktop system works with various essentials and that is what one makes good use of to transfer or select the important commands or do some tasks on the computer system, making the use of the movement of a pointer also called a cursor on the screen of your desktop. In the direction you choose to move your pointer, the cursor exactly moves in the same direction on the screen. One of the most frustrating and worst situations that one can suffer from while working on a computer system is the moment when your wireless mouse freezes or the wireless mouse stopped working on Windows 10.

Imagine you’re working on your accounts and suddenly the wireless mouse that you use to work certain functions on your computer stops working on Windows 10, making you disgusted and miserable. Here are some of the tips and techniques that one can follow to fix their wireless mouse problems.

Reasons Why Wireless Mouse Stopped Working on Windows 10

There are some major issues due to which your wireless mouse stopped working on Windows automatically.

The reasons could be:

  1. Some damage to the hardware of the wireless mouse is an irreparable thing.
  2. Some sort of loss of connection with the CPU system.
  3. Outdated drivers on your desktop or computer system.
  4. There can be some malfunctioning in your computer system and can also lead to glitches in your Operating System.

There can still be some different reasons for the root cause of failure of your mouse to work problems. To resolve these corrupted errors caused by your wireless mouse on windows 10 and troubleshoots caused by your wireless mouse leading to delay in your official work or online classes or any other tasks, you can work upon some of the methods provided below to cater to this problem easily and make sure you do it quite carefully.

Have a proper glance at the Hardware Damage of your Wireless Mouse

Make sure to look at the hardware damage. There could be a slight cut or tear off your USB Cable of Wireless Mouse which attached to your CPU. A few reasons for hardware damage can be a missing ball or housing that’s cracked in the wireless mouse on windows 10. Often there’s some sticky or silent clicking of finger switches which leads to wrong signals and results in failure. The failure of your wireless mouse working caused by the optical sensor which leads to hardware damage. That is irreparable and so we advise you to buy a new one.

There can be some dust stuck in your mouse, prefer to clean it

Is the cursor or the pointer of your wireless mouse not or less responsive on Windows 10? or hanging your desktop system again and again? The reason behind this is the dust particles stuck in the wireless mouse on windows 10. Prefer to clean your wireless mouse for improved performance. It is facile and simple to clean a wireless mouse using a rollerball. Take care that while cleaning, your wireless mouse unplugged from your system and nothing is covering the laser. That placed right on the bottom of the wireless mouse. Things like paper, tape, etc that can obstruct or harm the laser can somehow create troubleshooting in the movement of the cursor or your wireless mouse stopped working on windows 10.

One of the best methods to avoid the issues caused by the wireless mouse on windows 10 is the replacement of the batteries

You can buy a new pair of batteries for your desktop wireless mouse and swap them with a new set of batteries. One thing you must keep in mind is that the batteries you’re using in your wireless mouse are the same as the batteries that were already placed in your wireless mouse. Once you swap the batteries, make sure it gets connected to your desktop for half or one hour, and then check if your wireless mouse is working or not. Some Computer-Mouse has non-replaceable batteries, in that case, prefer to try other methods, if still, it doesn’t work, choose to get a new one.

Reinstall / Update Wireless Mouse Driver

Look for the website by the manufacturer of the wireless mouse and its driver. If your wireless mouse isn’t working, one way is to use the driver-updater tools. If your mouse shows some troubleshooting, download drivers. The driver software is free and available online. Also, you can once go through Bluetooth or WiFi. By which you’ve paired your wireless mouse to your computer system. Reinstall its software and see if it is working or still your wireless mouse not working on Windows 10 problem.

Utilize the mouse on the correct surface is also relevant

Some wireless mouse cannot be utilized on any or every kind of surface. So, you must utilize your wireless mouse on a mouse pad. For example, the CPU or computer system in Windows 10 can’t track the movement on a shiny surface. Also, some computer-based wireless mouse doesn’t work with very dark or very light color surfaces.

Disable the rapid startup option in your computer system

  1. One thing or method to check if your wireless mouse starts working is by disabling the rapid startup option in the computer system.
  2. Press windows key+X and choose the power option
  3. Select Choose what the power option does
  4. Select change settings that are currently unavailable
  5. Disable the rapid startup option and check if your wireless mouse starts working on windows 10 or not.