How to Fix Stretched Screen | Windows 10 screen is stretched

Stretched Screen Issues – How to solve?

Sometimes when u open your laptop and notice your screen to be different like the screen graphic is not the same. There is mix or drag of screen which is called the stretched screen and to solve it here are the methods.

Before we start the solutions, there are few reasons as to why it arises. This is very important to know so as to be careful in future. There are many reasons but the most common ones are:

  • Sometimes users might press some random button on the keyboard which might have changed the display setting leading to this issue.
  • Not updating your software for too long also can cause this stretched screen issues.
  • This is not a common reason but to due new changes by software update can also result in this situation.

Here are few simpler ways to solve it:

  1. Try checking and update the driver through your device manager and ensure it is up to date.
  2. Try to reinstall the display adapter of your operating system. Then check if there is any setting changed than usual ones.
  3. Try checking the screen resolution and check if there is any option changed from previous.
  4. After installing the windows update ensure none of your previous options have been changed. If yes retrace them to original options.
  5. Try adjust the size of text on the display. Next restart the system to solve the problem.

How to fix a stretched screen

First one is to change the display settings for which you will have to follow the below steps:

Start off by going to the desktop and then right click on the screen and choose the display settings.

Next after a new window of settings is open. Then choose the advanced settings and the under resolution of screen change it to the default that is 1366×768. There is another resolution which is most commonly used that is 1260×768.

Stretched Screen

Restart your system and see the problem is solve. If not then try the next method.

The second method is to check your display for which follow the below steps. This is done to find whether your screen is the sole reason for this display issue. Now a day’s smart screen can get defected led or LCD which when repaired solves the issue.

Note: If your device is under warranty then your services will get it done repaired.

For doing the replacement of screen here are the steps:

  1. Firstly, turn off your system and then remove the power and battery supply.
  2. Secondly, check the screen bezel and remove all the screws carefully.
  3. After that slowly remove the bezel and remove the dysfunctional screen.
  4. Be careful with this step as you will have to place the new screen carefully.
  5. Place the battery, add the power supply back and then start your system and check if your screen is perfect.

Sometimes even after that you don’t find any change which means your screen is perfect so remove all and return them back.

The third method is to use the function key. This method is not very commonly used to solve this screen issue. To try this, follow the below step which says to press and hold the “Fn” key on the keyboard and press the space bar. Next restarting the system and check if the issue is solved.

The fourth method to check the BIOS settings to solve the issue. BIOS is very important for your computer to run properly. Now, follow the below steps to solve the issue:

  1. Turn off your laptop. And depending upon the laptop there are method to turn on the bios setting.
  2. After turning on search the menu and choose the option to reset bios settings.
  3. Restart the system and see if the problem is solve. As this step resolves the issue by resetting all the bios setting to default.

If this issue doesn’t solve the issue, then try doing the next method.

The fifth solution is to directly try changing the screen resolution to the better on. For this follow the below steps:

Stretched Screen
  1. Go to the settings and choose the display settings. You can even use the search.
  2. Now, change the slider position, this you will find in the change the size of text.
  3. Check if your screen is normal. Try every possible resolution to check which is making the screen better.
  4. Next, after choosing the right one, click on enter to solve this issue. Once restart your operating system and see.
  5. Press the Start button on your keyboard or click on it on the screen at the bottom portion. Type in the Search bar, Changes the screen resolution, and press Enter.
Stretched Screen Issues

Remember: If you change the screen resolution, it will affect all users who log on to the computer. If you happen to set your change the screen resolution. That it can’t support, the screen will go black for a few minutes.

The next method is to check your system’s RAM. This happens because of a dirty memory stick or there is damage or defect in the RAM which needs to replaced. For solving the stretched screen issue this solution follow the below procedure:

  • Firstly, shutdown your device and remove the power supply and battery.
  • Secondly, turn your laptop and then locate the RAM and unscrew it carefully to open.
  • After you have opened it, then carefully remove the memory stick. This is very delicate so be careful while cleaning.
  • For cleaning you use an eraser to rub the gold contacts smoothly. After finishing, now place all back in the place.
  • Plug in back the battery and on the power supply and press restart the system to see. If the issue of stretched screen is solved.
  • If you are not able to do this then try contacting the nearest service center and let them help you solve this issue.

The last part is to check if these are functioning properly from time to time to avoid the stretched screen issue:

  1. You will have to check the graphics processing unit and if it is working properly or not. Try replacing it by confirming from a professional.
  2. Some dots on the screen if spotted. This can be solved by pressing it hard as it might. So happen there is issues with the trapped pixels which are loosen with the hard press. But to the opposite if the dots are not gone after the press. Then better consult a professional as these might become a hindrance in the usage for the user.
  3. Ensure to update your system from time to time with all safety precautions.
  4. Remember to do a thorough check of your GPU with a professional due to it being connected to the motherboard. Try to clean or replace after a period of time.

These are causes, solutions, tips to solve the stretched screen issue.