Why Do Students Buy an Essay Rather Than Write One Themselves?

Students nowadays have access to multiple amenities that help them manage their academic tasks quite conveniently. One such trending facility among the students is the essay writing service.

This service acts as a breather for those students who do not have writing skills or enough time. Although buying an essay is not advisable as it hinders the creativity and expression of students, the concept is getting popular because of the element of convenience associated with it. 

Want to know why an increasing number of students are buying essays rather than writing them down on their own? Read on!

Buying vs. Writing Essays


Hiring a writing service saves you an ample amount of time. You can further use this time to manage other academic activities. On the other hand, writing it requires you to devote more time to research and compose the content. Hence, students prefer ordering research paper writing help to manage their academic responsibilities better. 

Reduced Risk of Errors 

Professional essay writers help you fetch impressive grades. These people have years of experience in composing academic papers. They also use multiple tools and software programs to notch up the quality. They leave no room for grammatical or spelling mistakes. So, what you get is a thoroughly researched and well-written academic paper.

On the contrary, if you write it by yourself, you may not ace the grammar and spelling game. This may lead to multiple errors, downgrading the quality of your paper.

100% Originality 

Essay writing service providers need to maintain their reputation, and hence they never resort to cheap tactics like plagiarism. Besides, plagiarizing is a punishable offense. If you try to compose an essay yourself or maybe take help from your classmates, there are chances that you may run out of details and copy certain ideas and sentences from books, websites, etc. Ensuring the originality of the content is a part of the job for professional writers. 

Top-Notch Quality 

Hiring a writing expert can bring to you maximum surety that you will be submitting a top-grade quality assignment. Students who struggle to write papers thus can make the most out of an essay service and maintain academic success. 

Expert writers go the extra mile to research and find relevant information for your assignment. They use proper data to back up their argument. Hence, you get a good-quality essay. 

Avoiding Repetitiveness and Monotony

Different types of essays require different kinds of writing styles. Some students may not crack this code and fail to follow the tone and style of the required assignment. The writing service proves to be helpful in such cases. 

The providers have talented writers who can add a sense of variety to your papers effortlessly. So, every time you buy one, you will be able to offer a fresh perspective without any monotony and redundancy.

Things to Consider While Buying an Essay

Check if They Have a Money-Back Policy in Case of Delays

Essay writing service providers are generally quite punctual. You must still ensure that they provide refunds if some inadvertent delays take place. Delayed delivery of your assignment means your purpose of its submission is not fulfilled. Hence, you deserve a refund.

Find Out if They Let You Choose the Writer 

Renowned companies often let students discuss their requirements and choose writers accordingly. Check if the service you are opting for gives you this opportunity. Ask questions to understand whether they have written on the topic of your assignment before. Ask for sample papers, and then select your writer. 

Ensure They Have Zero Tolerance for Plagiarism

A copied write-up will bring no value to you. Rather, it will be counter-productive for your grades. So, it is better to check beforehand whether or not the essay writing company has a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism. 

Research Well Before Choosing an Essay Writing Service Provider

Now that you are no longer doing your assignment by yourself, you can devote some time to research the various essay writing services in your area. Check about their ratings, reputation, and charges before settling down with one. Going through the reviews and testimonials is a good idea to check the reliability and capability of the company. 

Enquire About the Number of Revisions and Corrections They Offer

Every academic writing company offers a certain number of free edits and revisions. Discuss this before you place your order so that you do not face inconvenience later on. If any expert writer refuses to offer even a single revision after delivery of the essay, walk away immediately. 

Read the Paper Before Submission

Even though you are getting someone else to write your assignment, you can’t afford to be clueless about what has been completed. Once you get the essay from the provider, read it cautiously while checking for errors simultaneously. Besides, if your instructor asks you a question about your paper, you must be able to answer it. 


Buying essays for school or college assignments is becoming quite common. Many students are relying on writing services to lighten the burden of work. Although it slightly raises the expenses of students, opting for online writing services is considered a smart move. It is quite beneficial if you plan to spend the saved time on more important tasks.