Why Are Companies Outsourcing IT? Top 7 Reasons

Technology, new and old, drives nearly every business out there today, however, the technical side of things is not the core priority in most. It is important that someone manages the technology and critical data for these companies, which is why dedicated IT staff is a must.

The question then becomes should a business invest in an in-house team or outsource their IT functions to a provider. If you find yourself unsure here are 7 reasons you should outsource your IT department.IT Department

1. It Saves You Money

This is perhaps the most attractive and common reason known to any company. Small and medium-sized businesses should definitely consider outsourcing their IT functions as they can save in several areas. Let us go into some more detail below.

Recruitment costs: Qualified and experienced IT professionals are in high demand and have a high price attached to their name. Interviewing, assessing, and attracting the best candidates will cost a business a lot of time and money. Outsourcing takes this cost wasting out of the picture.

Training costs: The rate of technological change happens at a phenomenal rate. It is very important that the IT department stay up to date, and this isn’t cheap. Outsourced IT has cutting-edge technology at no extra cost to you.

Overhead costs: If you want an in-house IT team, you have to put them somewhere. Finding a new space, or expanding a building can be very expensive and distracting to productivity. When you outsource, many functions can be performed remotely and can request onsite services when needed.

Salary Costs: Experienced IT professionals do not come cheap. As mentioned earlier, they are in high demand—allowing them to demand even higher salaries. You can expect to pay around $21/hr for in-house IT and as little as $8/hr on a monthly contract when you outsource, depending on the size of the client company. With an MSP.

Scalability: With Outsourcing, you only pay for what you need. Your IT department and their skills need to grow as you grow. You can avoid large leaps in salary expenses and have everything up to date with your IT needs.

Hardware Update Costs: Technology is constantly changing and evolving, which means your hardware and software will become outdated. You need to consistently update and upgrade your technology as your company continues to grow. Maintenance of your system’s hardware falls on the outsourced IT company, saving you more business costs.

2. Multiple Experts

There is no such thing as an IT know-it-all. You can likely only hire one or two people for an in-house department. When you outsource your IT department, you give yourself access to an entire team of experts. You have a group of highly trained specialists in any and all of the areas you need so that you don’t have to request assistance from an outside source.

 3. Going Beyond to Keep Your Business

Outsourced IT contractors are interested in exceeding your expectations. They are plentiful, and it is, therefore, a highly competitive field. The IT professionals at D Solutions Group say that it is important that IT contractors act with integrity and honesty, and focus on putting [themselves] in the shoes of others. They should strive to be so good that you’ll recommend them to other businesses and colleagues

4. Constant Training

You can have peace of mind knowing that your IT pros stay up to date in the ever-changing world of technology. Outsourcing service providers spend their time and money to make sure that all of their specialists are correctly trained. They are constantly trained and being recertified to keep up to date on the latest skills and trends to offer the best solutions to their customers.

5. Full-Time Monitoring

Downtime can be crippling to a business and the issues don’t always arrive between working hours. Fortunately outsourced IT is available 24/7 365, to solve the issue exactly when it happens.

6. Faster Response Time

With a 24/7 365 mentality, the desire for a fast response is high. Outsourced professionals can respond to issues faster than in-house IT, because your in-house IT may be so overwhelmed with other daily necessities and requests that you get stuck waiting “in line” when there is a critical issue to resolve.Response Time

7. It Lets You Focus on Your Business

Outsourcing your IT needs frees up resources so you can concentrate on what is most important to you – growing your business. Technology might be the backbone of a business, but that doesn’t mean you have to be good at it. Outsourcing IT to the experts means one less for you to worry about and giving you some peace of mind.

With all of this considered, it becomes clear that outsourcing makes a lot of sense for your business. But take care to do your research when choosing a service provider.