What You Should Know About Wireless Earbuds.

wireless earbuds guideAre you absolutely sick and tired of pulling your headphones out of your pocket and they’re a tangled mess? If you are, you’re like millions of others who can’t stand the time it takes to unravel this electronic puzzle. You might even be sick of the bulky over-ear headphones too as they don’t give you as much mobility. The solution is wireless earbuds.

Wireless earbuds have exploded in popularity thanks to the availability of the technology that allows for them to be made, but also because of their simplicity. No more wires to pull on, no more bulky weight on your head, just simplicity. If you’re looking into buying a pair of wireless earbuds, here are some things you’ll want to know and look for.

Consider the Cost

Not all earbuds are built the same, which translates into the cost fluctuating by a little or a lot. Some of the most recognizable or famous models, like Apple’s AirPod and AirPod Pro, are incredibly expensive, costing from $200 to almost $300. Meanwhile, smaller or lesser-known brands have some for less than $70. You take a bit of a gamble as some brands are better, for factors you’ll see as you continue to read, but it helps to do a little research on the brands, reviews, and other things that could make a discount brand a better buy for you.

How to Spot a Quality Pair

Quality is always the key to finding a good piece of electronics. You don’t want to have to buy a new device in a few months because you wanted to be stingy. Spotting a quality pair comes down to brand, features available, make of the product, and durability. If you look at the TOZO T10 review, you can spot some of the things that go into a quality pair. It’s not always easy to spot quality wireless earbuds because of the abundance of products on the market, but when you can see recurring pros and cons, it becomes much easier. Always read reviews, and read plenty of them before making a decision.

Know the Features

wireless earbuds featuresThe features of a pair of wireless earbuds can be the make or break factor when deciding on purchasing them. You want to look for things like controls (touch controls, biosensors, voice commands, etc.) that allow you to go back or forth on song selection and volume/call control. Check out the case as well, because a good earbud case should hold a charge for a long time and be tightly sealed to protect your earbuds when they’re in your bag or not in use. Another feature that is really subjective is the ear tips. Some people like them, some don’t, so if you’re used to using ear tips on your headphones you should look for a pair that come with them, and come in varying sizes for different ear canals. 

Every Wireless earphone connect using  bluetooth . If Bluetooth not working you can check our another article.

Think About Durability

Wireless earbuds aren’t big and bulky like a pair of Beats so they can’t handle a beating, ironically. They can get lost or damaged if they get stepped on or something falls on them so you want to look into how much physical stress they can handle. Some wireless earbuds are even weather-resistant and waterproof, which is really helpful if you are putting them in a gym bag with a water bottle, or if you use them for outdoor activity in the cold and rain. It’s always advised that you try to find a durable pair because you want them to be able to withstand as much as possible during any kind of training session or activity.

Comfortability of the Earbuds

Going back to the point about ear tips, some people find they help keep the earbuds in place, which is crucial to their efficiency. You don’t want to be constantly pushing them back into your ears during a long run, so find a pair that will stay in your ears. Beyond that, they need to stay in your ears and not hurt. A pair of headphones that are uncomfortable in your ears, no matter how secure they are, will start to annoy you over the course of a 2-hour workout so keep this in mind as much as you would the cost or features.

Wireless earbuds are finally giving us a reprieve from the annoying mess of tangled wires and the bulky headphones that we were so used to. Finding a good pair isn’t hard when you consider all of the factors that go into choosing a quality set, like the ones you’ve read here.