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What is ThinkorSwim and Why You Should Use It

Thinkorswim is a powerful and popular trading software that offers an intuitive interface, real-time streaming quotes, and advanced charting capabilities. The software can be used to trade stocks, options, futures contracts, ETFs (including new ones), mutual funds, bonds, and other securities. The best thing about Thinkorswim is the fact that it’s free! If you’re interested in learning more about what ThinkorSwim has to offer, then check out this blog post.

What is ThinkorSwim

ThinkorSwim is an advanced trading platform that has become very popular among new traders and seasoned veterans.


ThinkorSwim was created by a group of experienced traders who saw an opportunity for something better than the products on the market at that time. The founders had two goals when they started Thinkorswim – provide advanced tools without any cost whatsoever and deliver excellent customer service. Over twenty years later, those two original principles continue to be the backbone of this online brokerage firm.

The company is regulated by various securities commissions and associations, including FINRA, MSRB, NFA, and SIPC.

In addition, think or swim has established several strategic partnerships with other firms to provide their clients with even more access to products and new trading technologies.

These include:

Why You Should Use It

Think or swim is arguably the best online brokerage firm because it has two original principles.

One of the most popular features among experienced traders is the ability to trade futures contracts using margin securities (stocks). There is also a mobile app available that allows users of this brokerage website access on the go.

Other cool features offered for no cost:

The best thing about Thinkorswim

ThinkorSwim offers plenty of benefits that make it an excellent choice for beginners or professionals, including:

How to Sign up for a Free Account

To sign up for a free account, you can visit and click on the “Free Trial” button in the top-right-hand corner of the site. You will have to download the software to your computer  and enter your personal information, including:

You will also need to provide a phone number so that think or swim can verify the account is being opened by the correct person. Once this process is completed, launch the installer and install the software to your device, then you are ready to begin trading! You won’t be charged anything for using ThinkorSwim, but keep in mind that any trades made will cost money depending on what type of trade it is.

For example:

Buying stocks through them costs $0.0075 per share, whereas selling stocks would charge 0% commission with a minimum fee of $19.99 plus taxes owed.

Other Features of the Software that you Might not Know About Yet!

This is just the beginning of what Thinkorswim has to offer. For advanced traders, think or swim offers many more features, including:

If you are a beginner or intermediate trader, the site offers training videos on setting up your account, getting started with charts, and learning more about options strategies. They also provide live customer service 24 hours per day for traders who want one-on-one assistance when they need it most! I really enjoyed being able to log in at any time of night or day without having access issues like other sites have had in the past.

If you are looking for a trading platform that has been embraced by both new traders and seasoned veterans, Thinkorswim is worth your consideration. The software offers plenty of features to help beginners get started and give more experienced traders what they need to trade with ease. To learn more about the best free online trading platform today, click here!

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