What Are Writing Skills and How Do You Improve Them?

Writing well is an important skill. As writing is everywhere, from your online communication to typing out your school assignments, writing is a skill that has to be mastered if you want to have success in any sphere of life. Needless to say, even if you are a less-than-ideal writer, you can still ensure that you practice your skills and become a bit better day by day. Let’s consider what you can do to improve your writing skills.

writing skills

Is Writing an Important Skill to Have?

It is difficult to overestimate writing as an important skill. Writing should be seen as a form of communication, but unlike oral communication, writing has a temporal dimension to it. Good writing skills are, therefore, as essential for everyday life as knowing how to talk with people. Without it, not much can be done.

Which Professions Ask for Good Writers?

Except for physical work, good writers are present in any profession. Believe it or not, even doctors have to be great writers. Being able to write assignments, final papers, homework, financial reports, etc., all take good writing as a basis that they build. Writing is omnipresent in our life – consider the volume of written material you read in a day and think about how many people took how many hours to do the writing.

What Are Writing Skills?

In doing so, you need some structure. You need to know which cues to trace through a text and what structure your writing should have. The thing is that the times of simply sitting down to write something have passed: now we take what we’ve noticed in the writing of the best authors that history can give us as a model to base our writing on.

If you do not even know where to start on your writing improvement journey, ask for some help. The best essay writing service in USA can help you by writing essays and papers that are of interest to you. You can then analyze these pieces of writing and implement as little or as much as you would like into your writing. Check them out and read on to learn what makes a good writer.


Good writing skills start with good research skills. You need to know at least something about any topic before you start writing. This way, you will be able to understand the task that is before you, as well as to know where to look for the information you need. A paper on linguistics will not be based on news reports from the latest local choir performance. Likewise, a kids’ story will not be researched on BBC news.


Once you know more than a layman about a topic, it is necessary to write an outline. An outline is, simply put, the structure, the skeleton of your writing. It is basic, rudimentary, and waiting to be filled with important information, details, and linguistic ornaments. There are three basic kinds of outlines:

  1. Chronological – great for academic writing, especially when explaining how a concept came to be historical,
  2. Step-by-step – great for instructions, manuals, recipes, and retelling stories. In the latter case, it can be combined with chronological writing, and
  3. Systematic – based on different perspectives, this outline is great for presenting ideas, products, services, etc.


Once the outline is there, it is time to write. Here are some basic tips to help you out:

  1. Avoid repeating words – use thesaurus instead,
  2. Avoid long sentences,
  3. Avoid overly ornamental sentences whenever you can,
  4. Stick to the topic,
  5. Stay true to your voice or the information you should present.


Revising is an integral part of writing. Revising should present most of the work you should do, besides research. Checking information, correcting spelling and grammar, as well as shortening your sentences and paragraphs should all be done once the writing part is finished.


Although very similar to revising, editing goes into the depths of the text and challenges the information and ideas present there. While revising serves a more analytical purpose, editing should correct all mistakes that you could spot when revising. Always have a friend revise the text as well, especially if you need to submit it as an assignment.

Final Considerations

Writing is becoming more and more important, especially as so much of our communication moves online. With remote and distant learning, working from home and all the freelancing writing, editing, and research jobs, it is necessary to start working on your writing skills today. Follow our tips for better writing to perfect your skills as of today! 

Joanne Elliot

Writing and passing on knowledge are some of Joanne Elliot’s loves. She loves cooking and exploring new recipes as well. She believes that continuing education is the key to success, so she always strives to improve her skills.