Ways to Install Epson Printer Drivers Without CD

install epson printer drivers
Epson printer drivers

are you an Epson printer user? are you bought a new Epson printer? is it not working and asking for Epson printer driver? do you know how to install printer driver with or without CD? if not then you are at right place. Here you will know how to configure Epson printer correctly on windows 10.

If you are looking to install printer driver without CD, then you are in right place. You can install a driver with a USB that comes with an Epson printer. You need to download the latest driver from the printer manufacturer’s official website, in case of an old printer. Here are some methods to install Epson printer drivers.

Method 1: Use USB Cable on Windows

Step 1: Insert the USB wire to Windows

Insert the USB wire cable in the USB Port of your computer (in CPU’s Front) or laptop (Right side Port). If you don’t have any USB cable then bought it from a nearby store or online to move forward. If you don’t have USB then install the driver manually.

install epson printer drivers

Step 2: Power on your printer

Press the power button of the printer and wait for 1 or 2 minutes. If the installation process didn’t start after plugging in your computer. Then follow the next steps.

install epson printer drivers

When you connect your printer to the computer, the installation process will start automatically. Just follow the steps and follow the prompts until Epson printer driver not installed properly.

install epson printer drivers

Step 3: Add a printer

Click on windows logo on the left side bottom on the computer screen. Type printer in the box and select the option from the start menu. Now select the printer by clicking on the windows of printers.

Now name your printer in Add a printer or scanner. A prompt window will open, that begin to install Epson printer drivers.

install epson printer drivers

Step 4: Follow the Steps to Install Epson Printer

Follow the steps to complete Epson printer driver installation. The printer will start working after the installation of Epson printer drivers.

install epson printer drivers

Epson Printer Expert Help

If you are not a technical person and not able to install printer drivers manually then you can contact Epson Printer Experts. Who has technically experienced with Printer devices either it is wired or wireless. The Epson printer expert will help you to install Epson printer drivers. Call Epson printer support number 1-888-272-9xxx toll-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)-

Question: How to Install Epson Printer Without CD

Ans: Go to Epson official website Next, visit Epson Support Page, Choose your product, choose Manuals, Next click Start Here.

  1. Epson Connect Setup Utility Download and Install.
  2. Click Agree to check box, then click Next.
  3. Next Install, then click Finish.
  4. Choose your product, then hit Next.
  5. Next, Select Printer Registration and click it.
  6. Choose Agree and click it.
  7. Click OK when the message Register a printer to Epson Connect appears.


Ans: Follow the given instruction to install a printer driver:

  1. Go to the Printer Official Website and find your product, and click it then find the download button.
  2. After Locate the Printer Driver and click on the download button to save it on your device or PC.
  3. Double click on the downloaded file to extract and install it.
  4. Choose your printer from the list of printers in the installation wizard.
  5. Click Next, then Finish to Complete Installation.

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