Ways to Fix my Canon Printer Not Responding on Windows 10

canon printer not responding
canon printer stopped responding windows 10

Canon printer is one of the most used printers. People use wireless canon printer for their home and office work needs. Sometimes, canon printer users complaint that the printer stopped responding to print command. If you are also facing a canon printer not responding issue then you need to contact an expert technician. The technicians are enriched with talent and expertise in printer problems. The technician will help you to fix printer issues such as canon printer stopped responding, canon printer not printing or any canon printer problem.

Read the blog, I have explained all the steps to fix canon printer issues manually. Just follow the procedure step by step to fix the problem. If you are not a technical person then I suggest you contact canon printer expert technician who will help. Canon support is trustworthy and reliable support. The technician will remove all the bad elements that are creating a problem and fix the printer not responding to Windows 10.

Reason Behind Printer Stopped Working:

Read these points, I have explained all the possible reason that stopped canon printer from responding. Check your computer for these and if you are having any of this issue then contact canon printer support.

  1. Canon printer driver is not installed on the right port
  2. Canon printer driver is outdated. Download the latest version of the canon printer driver.
  3. While installing the printer, you select the wrong port.
  4. Sometimes, security software blocking access to the port for the printer.
  5. Maybe your USB cable is damaged change it.
  6. Malware or Virus on your computer.
canon printer not responding
canon printer not printing

Ways to Fix Canon Printer Not Responding on Windows 10:

Most of the cases, the main reason is due to miscommunication between printer and computer. That is due to a damaged USB cable. So, you need to check for the printer and computer USB Cables. Follow these steps given below to fix canon printer not responding on Windows 10.

  1. Press the “Setup” button on your wireless Canon Printer to start the process fo Wireless LAN Setup.
  2. Press “OK”
  3. Now, you have to choose an Easy Setting.
  4. Click on “OK” to lock your choice.
  5. Select Acess Point and type your Wifi- Password.
  6. Now, insert printer setup disk in Computer CD-Drive.
  7. Now, Run Canon printer Setup program to install on windows 10 PC.
  8. Click on the “Install” button to begin the process.
  9. Follow the on-screen steps to install canon printer on windows 10 PC.
  10. Now, Wait for the printer installation to finish.
  11. Reboot your PC

After completing the steps you can print documents through canon printer. These are some of the basic steps to fix canon printer not responding on windows 10 pc.

Fix Canon Printer Problems

If you are still having a problem with the canon printer then you can contact canon printer support. The technician at canon support will help you to fix all the possible reasons that stopped the printer from responding. You can call 1-888-272-9xxx toll-free number. The technicians are available 24/7 to assist with canon printer problems. We have experienced and Microsoft certified technicians who are always ready to help you.

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