Ways to Fix HP Printer Not Printing

hp printer not printing
hp printer not printing

Are you using an HP Printer? are you getting in trouble with Hp Printer? don’t Panic Just read the blog properly and you can fix hp printer not printing issue. You can perform the steps by yourself, but if you are not a technical person. Then I Just you to expert help, you can call on hp printer customer service, the team will help you to fix the issue. They have expert technicians that are available round the clock to help you.

Read the blog to know how to fix hp printer problems with Windows operating system. You can solve printer stops working or printer not printing, etc issues.

Why my hp Printer not printing?

Does your printer start showing error messages suddenly? Sometime before it was working and now you are not able to the printer from hp printer and you don’t know the reason for hp printer not working. Here are some points that will show you why hp printer stopped printing.

  1. That be due to some minor problem with printer and computer communication
  2. It can be a wired or wireless network issue
  3. Might be USB Cable is not plugged properly
  4. Might be Printer driver is outdated
  5. HP Printer Paper Jam Problem
  6. Ink and Toner problems

Check for the following issue with your printer and if you get any of the issues. Then take help of certified expert technician and remove it completely. The HP Printer Experts will help you to fix Hp Printer Problems and take care of your hp printer and computer both

How Do I fix my HP Printer is not Printing?

If you hp printer start printing but printer not printing black or the printed page missing black color. Then don’t panic you can fix it. You need to replace the ink cartridge and use only genuine hp color cartridges.

Otherwise, you can remove black cartridge form hp printer and can use only tri-color and clean the printer heads. If you require urgent print copy then you can use hp printer in backup mode.

Get HP Printer Assistance

If you are unable to deal with the problems you are facing with HP printer. Then I suggest you read the post completely and follow the procedure step by step. You can fix the issue you face.

Basic Troubleshooting:

  1. Check the connection status of printer and computer both
  2. Check Properly there should be a good connection between printer and computer
  3. The USB Cable should be normal, You can try to replace old USB Cable with New One.
  4. Reboot HP Printer and PC both

Update HP Printer Driver:

Sometimes, Hp Printer stopped Printer due to Outdated HP Printer drivers. You need to Update or Reinstall Printer driver. So, You will get rid of Hp Printer Not Printing issue.

Make HP Printer as Default Printer:

  1. Press “Win key + R” on Keywords to Run Dialogue box.
  2. In run dialogue box type control Panel
  3. Control Panel Will Open
  4. Click on “Device & Drivers” Option available on the screen
  5. Right click on “HP Printer” You will find it in the printer option.
  6. Click on “Set as Default”
  7. Click on “OK”
  8. Now Reboot your system and Check hp printer problem fixed or not.

Cancel all Printing Jobs:

  1. Open Printer Menu in control Panel
  2. Click on Run as administrator
  3. Open Printer and click on “Cancel All Documents
  4. Click on “OK
  5. Reboot your PC & Printer

Fix Printer Not Printer (Expert Advice)

If these steps fix your hp printer not printing issue then its good. If these will not work for you then You can contact hp printer assistance to get help. The certified technician will help you to fix hp printer problems. Call on 1-888-272-9xxx Hp Printer Support Phone Number toll-free.

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