Want to Get Into 3d Printing? Here’s What You Need

3D Printing

In the past couple of years, the technology behind 3D printing has drastically improved. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a business owner, getting into 3D printing is actually easy. It’s less about learning what you need to do but it is instead, more about having the right tools to support your new venture.

3D printing is easy to learn thanks to the emergence of tutorials and intuitive software online. However, the tough part is actually knowing what you need to have in the first place. If you are hoping to get into this fun and exciting hobby, then take down notes as we’re about to detail some of the best tools you need to start 3D printing.

3D Printers

It should be obvious by now but the most important equipment you need for 3D printing is – well, a 3D printer. To put it simply, a 3D printer is a type of printer that allows you to create models that you make using a software program. It’s a complex tool and while it used to be expensive, it now also comes in more affordable models.

3D printers work by releasing molten plastic through a tiny nozzle. The nozzle itself is guided by mechanisms that allow for precise printing even for complex designs. During the printing process, the nozzle stops to let the first layer or plastic dry before moving onto the next layer. This is why 3D printing can be a long process as well.

As you would with ink for regular printers, you also have to replenish the plastic that the 3D printers use eventually. It’s always best to have a lot of these in stock but more about them later.3D Printer

Pre-made printers are great but the problem is that they can be expensive mostly. You are looking at spending around $1000 on a good printer. The good news is that over at printingatoms.com you can find cheap DIY 3D printers that are just as formidable. What’s great about DIY 3D printers is that you can build them piece by piece so you can buy what the budget permits first.

Getting a good 3D printer is important. You’re not just looking for something that can generate good 3D models fast. You’re also looking for ones that offer great precision and accuracy when it comes to printing. Make sure to read through reviews first before you buy a 3D printer.


The filament is basically what ink is to a regular printer. Filaments come in various sizes and colors. It’s always best that you have spare ones near your printer because the last thing you’d want is running out of ink while you are in the process of printing.

The best colors to get are red, yellow, and blue, AKA, the primary colors. This expands the number of colors you can create. If you are looking to print certain objects, only then should you get specific filament colors.

A Strong Computer

You’ll be creating your 3D models out of your computer. While there are many websites that allow you to get pre-made 3D models that are ready for printing, it’s always better to make some on your own so that you can create truly unique stuff through your printer.

Managing 3D models on your computer is taxing work. Computers that are low to mid-spec will have trouble rendering 3D models efficiently. Even if you are able to run the software, there could be some delay between your input and what shows on screen.

The truth is that you are most likely going to spend more on getting a good rig than you would spend in getting a 3D printer. High spec computers can cost you around $2,000 but it’s a worthwhile investment. The more powerful your computer is, the more creative you can get with the 3D models.

A Good Software

3D printing software allows you to create models, load pre-made ones, and then print 3D models to your liking. Without good 3D printing software, your 3D printer is as good as nothing.

When buying 3D printing software, make sure to read reviews first. Ideally, you’d want software that’s both intuitive and filled with many features.

3D printing is a good hobby that allows you to create virtually anything you want to. From a business perspective, 3D printing serves as a lucrative venture if you are skilled at creating 3D models. These are the basics of what you need to get into the hobby. It’s going to be a big investment on your end but trust us, it will be worth it.