UX Interview Questions: Things You Should Know

Landing a UX design job is quite challenging. It is so because it is a high-paying job. You cannot easily get a UX design position in a certain company if your skills are not honed well. That said, you have to know the things that are related to UX interview questions. This is how you can get hired by a certain company that offers a lucrative monthly income. Your monthly income for a UX design related position can range from $8,000 to $10,000. Would you like to be one of those UX designers who are earning around $100,000 per year? If yes, then you are on the right blog post today.

To become a recognized UX designer, you have to make yourself ready to face the challenges associated with UX designing. The main focus of this field is the users of a specific product or service. Yes, you read it right. The focus is to create a design which the potential market can benefit from. No company can excel without prioritizing user experience. This is the bottom line here. All business organizations, for the sake of gaining competitive advantage, must hire someone who is known as an expert UX designer.

Answer UX interview design questions properly to land a job

Would you like to be hired by a high-paying company? If yes, then you have to answer the easy, moderate and difficult questions related to UX designs. If you can do this, you can have a golden opportunity to land a particular job. Of course, you have to make yourself ready. Stay calm during the interview session. This is how you can elevate your chance of winning the race. You can get hired if you can nail the questions related to your career. Define your job properly and answer the questions correctly and credibly. As much as possible, you have to provide concrete and relevant answers to every question to be thrown at you.

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The most typical interview questions to be given by the interviewers are:

  1. How can you describe yourself?
  2. How do you define UX design and its process?
  3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  4. Can you be an asset to the company? Why?
  5. What are the UX design tools which you are going to use?

Pertinent to the first question, your answer should be clear. The interviewers will ask about yourself because they want to know the person in front of them. Whether the interview is done in an actual physical setting or in a virtual mode, you have to deliver the right answer to the interviewers. Make them aware that you are a person who is willing to use your skills and expertise just for the purpose of helping their company go to the top.

The second question is about the technical aspect of your profession. Of course, you have to tell the hiring manager/s that you know everything about UX design and its corresponding process. Why is this question going to be thrown at you? Of course, the main purpose is to evaluate and assess your know-how. A design process is a tedious process because it requires technical knowledge. For example, you have to emphasize that for you to be able to create a user-friendly product design, you need to apply user research. This is the primary strategy that needs to be implemented.

Assessing your strengths and weaknesses is also an important aspect during the interview schedule. Why should the interviewers know your strengths and weaknesses? You are not a perfect UX designer. This is the reality. But, given your strengths, the company should know how you are able to use your skills in performing your important job. It is your main task to create a user-focused product design. The main objective is to please and satisfy the audience of the company that is going to hire you. Expressing your weaknesses is also important so that the company will know your limitations and bounds.

The company to hire you is actually looking for someone who can be an asset. Being an asset means the [monetary] investment in you will reap sales and revenues. That by hiring you, it will lead to a sustainable flow of income and profit. As an asset to the company, you should be able to help the company you will be serving go to the next level. In other words, through your UX design related services, the company you will be serving will have more business opportunities. Your role as a UX designer is great but only if you are able to execute and apply the fundamental principles.

The last question above is about the UX design tools which are available today. InVision Studio, Adobe XD, and Adobe Illustrator are just three of the most popular UX design tools. You have to know them and you should learn how to use them to leverage the UX design process. Creating a particular product design is not a walk in the park. But given the mentioned tools, there is always a great way to achieve your goals as a UX design expert. Of course, you can produce a working design for the company which will hire you after nailing the hiring [interview] process.

What do UX designers actually do?

The given question above is to clarify everything that is blurry and ambiguous about your professional career. The root term is UX, which means user experience. In today’s business landscape, it is important to prioritize the experience of the users. For a product to be launched successfully, it is important to consult the potential users first. Before you are going to produce the conceptualized product, conducting UX research is quite important. This is to make sure that the design of the [digital and non-digital] product will be suitable to the needs of the public.

You have a target market, right? Take note that no business can prosper without identifying a particular target market. It is through this way where a company you will be serving as a UX designer can have more business opportunities. More leads will be attracted when your product is designed in a way that the users are satisfied and pleased. The absence of a great user experience can lead any business to plunge and fail. Of course, no business organization wants this to happen because of monetary investment, right?

The right strategy that every company must implement is to look for a world-class and legitimate UX designer. If you are one of the top UX designers in the world today, for sure, you can have a lucrative job. Why? Because there can be a lot of job vacancies for your skill set. A great product design is the ultimate objective to hit. For example, the design of a product website should be geared towards the provision of ultimate user satisfaction. Once the website users are satisfied, it will then lead to more favorable results. More people will be attracted to visit and use the site because that site can provide what the users are looking for.

UX designer job vacancies are plentiful

There are a lot of job vacancies related to UX and UI designing. This is an irreversible fact. Nowadays, every business has to employ a UX designer because his or her job is valuable. You can find related jobs on some sites like indeed.com. You can expect thousands of job vacancies that are ready to be filled in. Landing a UX designer job is not easy but you can hit it so long as you are a well-equipped and deeply-experienced UX designer.

There are other sources or online references where you can determine job vacancies related to your field. Glassdoor and LinkedIn are two of the other sources. Just do quick research on your browser, and, for sure, you will be able to find a job which can fit your potential and skills. What is important is that you are an experienced UX designer. You can land a job anytime but you have to provide the best portfolio to the company that is hiring. Make sure to impress the hiring managers [job interviewers]. It is the best way to land a lucrative UX designer job.

Wrapping up

In a nutshell, nailing the UX interview questions is the most important process that you have to pass. Of course, you need to submit your impressive resume or CV to the hiring company. You can do it via email if you want fast results vis-a-vis the shortlist of the job applicants. Once you are shortlisted, it means you are one of the job candidates who are going to be interviewed. Just make sure that you are ready mentally, physically, and psychologically. Spend enough time to prepare yourself for the UX design job interview.