Unlock Offshore Opportunities: Establishing Your IBC or LLC in Belize

Belize, formerly British Honduras, is a Caribbean jurisdiction known for its robust asset protection and favorable conditions for offshore and online startups. With three key cities – Belize City, Belmopan, and Corozal – Belize offers a strategic location on the east coast of Central America, bordered by Mexico and Guatemala. Its offshore banking sector is recognized for prioritizing client needs. While having a Belize bank account isn’t mandatory for Belizean companies, it can expedite processes.

The country stands as a classic Caribbean offshore jurisdiction, known almost as much as the British Virgin Islands. Inspired by the BVI, Belize introduced its first IBC Act, which was updated in 2022. Belize boasts competitive prices and a favorable British-based legal system, which makes it an appealing option for offshore company registration. Recognized worldwide, Belizean IBC documents are well-received by banks globally. LLCs are a newer addition that has recently gained significant traction over IBCs.

Excitingly, our company now offers the service for registering Belize LLCs with Ready Made Bank Accounts in a Belize Offshore Bank. For confidentiality under Belizean law, it is prudent to take basic precautions. 

Offshore Pro Group now provides professional director services, allowing an experienced manager to represent the beneficial owner’s name on company documents. This service enhances credibility and respectability, with options available for professional directors from Belize, complementing our ready-made offshore bank account in Belize offers.

Belize remains attractive to international businesspersons, continually striving to stay ahead. While previously known for its IBCs, today Belize offers LLC registration at an appealing price range and an updated legal framework. Belize LLCs provide robust asset protection in the Western Hemisphere, surpassing the Marshall Islands LLCs in offshore asset protection. Explore our detailed comparison for insights into the advantages of Belize LLCs.

Please note: Offshore Pro Group offers ready-made Belize LLCs with offshore bank accounts for immediate transfer.

Belize is known for its stability, making it an ideal destination for safeguarding savings. Its banks are risk-conscious, and the political climate is steady. The Belize dollar is pegged to the U.S. dollar at 2:1, and offshore bank accounts are primarily denominated in USD, with options for other major currencies. Our ready-made bank accounts in Belize support multi-currency transactions and offer online banking for convenience. Taxation is straightforward in Belize, with offshore companies enjoying full tax exemption. Recent legislative changes have merged offshore and onshore companies into a single register, but LLCs remain tax-exempt pass-through entities. Our consultants can provide expert support if you are unsure which option suits you best. For most non-residents seeking a Belize offshore company and a ready-made offshore bank account, we typically recommend the LLC structure for its simplicity. Offshore Pro Group offers registration services for Belize LLC and Belize IBC, with the option to expedite the process by purchasing a ready-made company. Our Belize LLC packages now include a prearranged bank account, allowing for the same-day receipt of bank wire instructions upon purchase. The standard initial capital for IBC registration is 50,000 USD, divided into 50,000 shares with a par value of 1 USD.

The necessary features of IBCs or LLCs include the following:

  • One or more directors and one owner, who can be natural persons and may be the same individual;
  • A company secretary is not required;
  • Both an appointed registered agent and a registered office are mandatory;
  • For LLCs, renewal payment is due one year after incorporation, while IBC renewal fees are linked to the calendar year. Renewal fees for companies registered in the first half of the year are payable by December 31 of that year, whereas those registered in the second half must pay in advance to avoid penalties;
  • There is no requirement to make a physical visit to Belize for company registration;
  • Shareholders’ and directors’ meetings are mandatory and can be conducted anywhere globally via remote communication methods. Meeting minutes can be maintained from any location;
  • Bookkeeping practices are mandatory.

Registering a company (IBC/LLC)

Upon registration of your offshore company in Belize, you will receive the following set of documents:

  • A Certificate of Incorporation in Belize; 
  • Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws for the LLC or Belize International Business Company; 
  • Minutes from the initial meeting appointing a director for an International Business Company or manager for a Belize LLC; 
  • Meeting minutes for the Appointment of First Director; 
  • Register of Directors; 
  • Shareholder Registry; 
  • Share Certificate(s) in your name or the name of a professional shareholder (if you opt for professional shareholder services); 
  • Declaration of Trust (if you choose the professional shareholder service for an extra fee); 
  • One set of copies of corporate documents. 
  • Signed but not dated resignation letter from the professional director.

Our service offer also includes the following:

  • Assisting with the registration and document preparation for an LLC or an international business company in Belize; 
  • Covering the initial registration fees; 
  • Providing the services of a registered agent for the first year; 
  • Offering the client a registered address for the initial year; 
  • Arranging courier delivery of documents to your specified location


Typically, company registration in Belize takes up to one week. Initiate your company registration today. We offer top-notch offshore products with professional assistance.