Top security software for your pc in 2022

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Why Do You Still Need Antivirus Software in 2022?

Even if the security system of the latest devices has improved a lot, you still need an antivirus to protect your system from threats like malware and viruses. The new malware and other online threats emerge daily. The Antivirus Test Institute registers over 350,000 new malware and unwanted applications every day.

Protection from malware and viruses isn’t the only issue nowadays, privacy and security from hacking are also necessary. That’s why today’s antiviruses are equipped with all the features to safeguard your privacy and to protect you from hackers and ransomware attacks.

Along with the protection from malware and viruses, these are some of the extra features you can expect from antivirus and which makes an antivirus the perfect protection combo-

Parental controls: Parental controls help parents to control their offspring’s screen time, block certain websites from viewing to keep kids safe online.

Firewall protection: It helps to protect your device’s network from threats.

Secure browsers: Antivirus software packages also include secure browsers like Tor, which encrypts all your web activity.

Password managers: Save, secure and encrypt all your login credentials in an encrypted vault.

Encrypted cloud storage: for secure storage

System optimization: Optimizing the system, cleaning junk, or cache and improving performance in terms of speed.

Identity theft protection: Provides Identity theft protection services that can scan multiple financial and criminal areas for the user’s privacy and identity protection.

VPN: VPNs encrypt a device’s web activity and IP address to ensure more privacy and bypass some internet restrictions.

Cybersecurity experts analyze all the antivirus, considering the software’s virus, malware, ransomware protection, and other additional features. Features such as multiple device protections and free version offerings are also considered.

Best Overall Antivirus

McAfee Antivirus

McAfee Antivirus Total Protection is an all-in-one solution for staying secure on your digital devices. The antivirus technology comes with home network security, password manager, McAfee document shredder tools, performance optimization, and safe web browsing installed. You’ll also get security expert guidance and support when required from the McAfee team, and an identity protection service.

McAfee Antivirus is also wonderfully easy to use, so you shouldn’t have any trouble setting up and exploring the available features. On the downside, McAfee’s overall antivirus protection doesn’t have the best rating among its competitors.

Compatibility: It is available for Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android

with 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Pros :-

  •  Have different plans for multiple devices
  • Intelligent firewalls, spam filters, and secure file vaults
  •  Remotely fixing security issues on your allows you to fix security issues remotely
  • Lightweight for your computer
  •  Removes malware effectively
  •  Prevents fishing and hacking attempts in their tracks
  • Encrypted folder for document storage
  • Lightweight
  • Extensive range of features
  • Excellent VPN with unlimited usage
  • Multiple package options

Best security software for Windows :-

Norton 360 LifeLock

Norton 360 LifeLock has improved a lot in past years as a reliable antivirus option with its PC maintenance features, making it the best for Windows computers.

Features :-

Full PC protection including firewall and backup

Excellent malware protection

Password manager

LifeLock identity theft protection

Even with the lowest plan, PC maintenance utilities, and 2GB of cloud backup.

The Norton 360 Standard subscription has a package including dark web monitoring, 100GB of cloud backup, and a VPN.

Best Security software for MAC

Webroot SecureAnywhere

There is still a belief that Mac computers are safe from cyberattacks but Macs are still vulnerable to other malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and even Apple-targeted viruses.


  • It has excellent phishing detection
  • Fast virus scanning
  • Warns on malicious links in a web browser
  • Small in size but fast security scans
  • Best at phishing detection
  • Alerts users for new threats

There is a 70-day money-back guarantee to its plans.

Best in Malware Scanning


Our top choice for malware scanning, Malwarebytes, is the best at removing malware on any device.

Malwarebytes does an excellent job in capturing, quarantining, and removing malware that is being crowded and creating chaos in your system.

Full or quick scans are available in the free version.

The paid version of Malwarebytes can be used as antivirus software as it offers 24/7 monitoring, blocks ransomware attacks, and protects you against infected websites. The premium version can be used as antivirus software.

The free version can be used for scanning and removing malware on-demand, but should always be used along with more comprehensive antivirus software.

Pros :-

It removes malware and is the best in doing so.

Blocks ransomware

Real-time malware detection