Top JavaScript Libraries To Handle File Uploads

When you develop websites, uploading files such as images, text, or even videos is an integral part of the process. You will need to upload various types of data to the internet, and JavaScript libraries can make the work easier.

When you develop a website, you will need to complement that website’s file sharing feature to allow the users to share files. This is where a file upload library comes in handy. There are different types of JavaScript libraries that you can consider for your project. Check out these top JavaScript libraries to handle all your file uploads.javascript

JQuery File Upload

JQuery file upload library consists of five versions that include Basic, Angular JS, Basic Plus, Basic Plus UI, and jQuery UI. It provides an easy way to upload images to the browser. You can drag and drop multiple files for upload simultaneously, File Uploaders such as this one( provide the UI readily made. This function is easy to use, and you can monitor the upload progress on the bar provided.

Once the images have been uploaded, you can resize them to suit your site. The editing feature is designed to help you optimize the images for different types of browsers. This library is compatible with other platforms such as PHP, Java, and Python. It also supports Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari.

When you are working on a big project with multiple media files for upload, JQuery is an excellent option since it is designed to streamline your uploads. The library allows you to check the file upload progress which usually takes a few minutes depending on the type of files you are dealing with.  


This library provides an end-to-end upload functionality for your web-based applications. You can use Upload.js for file uploading and hosting; it comes with five lines of code. The first thing you should do is install the lightweight JavaScript file upload library. Once you have created the upload button, you can begin the process of uploading different files to your website.

When you complete the upload process, you will get a result with a file ID, and you should keep it in a safe place. You will need to use the same ID whenever you intend to download the file. Therefore, make sure you save the file ID in a safe place for future use.  

When you upload the image to the website, you can use the Upload Dashboard to transform it. For instance, you can use this feature to resize the picture or transform it via the URL. When you resize the picture, you make it suitable for your website. You can also use the dashboard to extract zips for multiple images and perform other functions.  


Dropzone.js is another popular JavaScript library that is trusted by many users. It is fully open-source, free, and makes it easy to handle multiple file uploads. It saves time since you can drag and drop all the files you want to upload simultaneously. It offers file preview and allows you to monitor upload progress.

Another good thing about this library is that it is compatible with different browsers. Even when you update your browser, you can use it to upload, copy, or share files using the drag-and-drop feature. The library is lightweight, and this makes it suitable for different browsers. It is customizable to help you add all the features you may want to use when undertaking a certain project.

Once the file upload is complete, you can resize the images or add filters depending on your needs. The resize function plays a crucial role in helping you adjust the size of the picture, so it perfectly fits on your website. The library can also handle comprehensive documentation for your project.    


PekeUpload is a lightweight file upload library that uses a combination of jQuery and HTML5 for file uploading. It is easy to use, and it can handle multiple file uploads at the same time. All you need to do is select the files you want to upload and use the drag and drop function to add them.

Once the files have been uploaded, you can preview them to ensure that you’re satisfied with their appearance. If you want to make some changes to the pictures, you can use the editing tools provided in the dashboard to resize or crop them. This open-source file upload also has customizable error messages.

When something goes wrong during the upload, you will get an alert on the dashboard. When you receive this message, simply restart the upload process. You can also check the details of the error, so you’ll know the cause as well as the solution.    


This library allows you to upload images directly to the cloud from the browser. It offers cloud storage and file uploader services, and you can choose the option you want. There is a free version as well as paid plans designed to suit the needs of different users. It only has two lines of code, and it is easy to use.

You can upload files from different locations such as your media library, social media, or from other websites. When you identify the files you want to upload, use the drag and drop feature. Once the files have been uploaded, you can preview them and make necessary changes depending on how you want them to appear on your websites. You can crop or resize the images using the built-in image editor.

Another feature of this library is that it allows multiple file uploads. This will give you an added advantage when you are dealing with a big project involving many items to be uploaded. The library is also compatible with all major browsers, so you won’t need to make any adjustments. The other feature from this library that you can utilize is error monitoring and progress made. It also gives you revisions and backup.


This library consists of several features that make file management easy. It allows you to determine the limit and types of files you can upload to the browser at a specific time. When you upload the images, you can preview them using the uploader. Additionally, the built-in editor plays a crucial role in helping you resize or crop the pictures to suit your website.

With this library, you can also enjoy comprehensive documentation of media you upload on your website. It comes with an API to make the upload process easier. You can also cancel the upload if you observe an error. The uploader is generally fast, and it takes only a few minutes to complete the upload process.  


Flow.js library uses an HTML5 File API, and it allows multiple uploads to the browser at the same time. You can also upload different types of files, and you can pause the process and resume it whenever you want. The good thing about this feature is that the resume process will pick up right where it stopped and it will allow you to recover all lost uploads.

The library is easy to use since you only need to drag and drop the files to the upload box. You can also preview the image to ensure they suit your needs. If your files are too big, the uploader will break them down into smaller components that are easy to upload. The progress bar also allows you to monitor the entire uploading process from start to finish.

jQuery Ajax

jQuery Ajax provides multiple file uploads and a progress bar that helps you monitor the entire process. It supports all web browsers and comes with a bootstrap. The library also allows the user to preview and transform the files to suit their needs.  


FileDrop is a library that specifically focuses on direct file uploading to the browser. It uses the drag and drops feature, and you can also upload multiple files simultaneously. The library provides custom notification alerts for progress when your files are uploading. When the process stops, you will get an alert, and you can restart from where it left off.


Formstone library functions as a combination of front-end components. This lightweight library works perfectly well with apps and websites alike. You can install it on different browsers since it is light and won’t strain your system when uploading images to your website.

The other good thing about this library is that it is rather a user friendly. It uses a drag and drop functionality, and can also handle multiple file uploads. When you are working on a big project like web development, this library can significantly simplify your task as it can handle several files at the same time. It comes with a progress bar where you can check the time left for the upload to complete. You can also cancel the download if you no longer need it. This library works well with other components of Formstone.javascript

There are different types of JavaScript libraries designed for handling file uploads when you are working on a website project. When choosing a file uploader, the features you can consider include compatibility with major browsers, an easy-to-use interface, progress bar, multiple file uploads, and others. With the tips provided in this article, and having understood how each library functions, you can now look for the ideal solution that best suits your needs.