Top 8 Best Free Grammar Check Tools and Websites

Have you ever had a chance of standing before a multitude of people to give a speech? How does it feel? I am quite sure you have watched lots of eloquent speakers with flawless grammar delivering speeches. Their eloquence, fluency, and mastery of the language are everything. I know it is everyone’s wish and dream to be able to communicate in grammatically correct languages, whether written or verbal. Luckily, by mysterious intervention, you have stumbled upon this article and you have come to the end of your worries. This article from Peachy Essay the speech writing experts explains the top eight best free grammar check tools and websites.

As smart as you are, mistakes in your writing and/or speeches should be intolerable. To improve, there are a number of grammar check tools available online that give you a chance to immaculately bring forth your content.

Let’s dive in!

1.    Grammarly

Currently, I have zero spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes, thanks to grammarly. This is one of the top 8 best free grammar check tools and websites that allow you to check 100,000 characters at ago. It works by highlighting mistakes and underling them in red.           

It is simplified in a manner that you simply copy and paste your piece of writing into the editor. Grammarly checks for clarity of the article, the engagement, delivery, and correctness. It also enables you to do italics, bold or heading tags among other features.

2.    Ginger

Amongst the renowned best grammar checkers is ginger, which is an Israeli startup that was created in 2007. Ginger works as good as grammarly. It boosts your writing skills and productivity. Ginger features spelling, word count, misspellings, grammar, irregular verbs and/or adverbs, and proofreading checks. Ginger looks out for the suggestion that perfectly fits the meaning of the applicable sentence.

It is multilingual with translation into over 40 languages. For instance, you can write in French and translate into English.

Ginger also has built in plagiarism checkers that detect any copied texts and add-ons like translation, content assistant and text-to-speech hence these features makes it beat grammarly.

3.    Hemmingway Editor

This free grammar check tool gives feedback to ensure your writing is easy to read by aiming at simple and clear sentence structures. You simply copy and paste your writing into the editor for review.

Hemmingway Editor highlights lengthy and very difficult sentences as either “hard to read” or “very hard to read.” This enables you to rewrite the sentences into simple ones.

Yellow highlights indicate lengthy sentences. Red highlights mean the sentence is huge and complicated to the reader hence they will find it hard to interpret the meaning. Longer words are highlighted in purple, meaning you have to use shorter words. Green highlights indicate passive voices while blue highlights indicate weakening phrases.

This tool also flags any difficult phrases, many adverbs and the use of passive voice.

It is ideal for self-editing, fiction and non-fiction writing.

4.    After the Deadline

With After the Deadline, you will write better and spend less time editing. This grammar tool gives feedback on spelling mistakes and also gives style and grammar suggestions. This grammar-checking tool is open-source and allows you to copy and paste your writing into the interface at for free.

It also has spelling mistake checkers in German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

5.    WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is the solution to your writing work’s uniqueness. Created in 2002, it is well known for checking your grammar, punctuation, spelling, translation, and style mistakes.

WhiteSmoke has a one-click instant proofreading for fast checks. It also has a language translator but it is limited to eight languages only. It also offers writing temples like messages, proposals and cover letters.

To correct and enhance your English language, consider using the WhiteSmoke Writer desktop app.

6.    Language tool

Language Tool is an alternative to grammarly, except that it has better features. It enables you to check for up to 10,000 characters. Language Tool checks spelling, style, and grammar.

If you have the many standard features enabled, then this tool is ideal for you. However, you are limited to the above-mentioned character count. Anything beyond it, you will have to use the paid version.

One unique thing about this tool is that it is multilingual. It enables you to edit your writing in English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish.

7.    ProWriting Aid

Founded in 2012, ProWritingAid is one of the top 8 best free grammar check tools and websites offering punctuation, grammar, style gaff, and spelling checks.

As a personal coach, this tool has several writing reports thus you do not have to edit everything at once. You simply click on one report at a time. These reports enable you to improve your writing. This report feature is striking, particularly for fiction writers looking to improve their sentences and sentence structure.

For instance, you can choose to fix your grammar, style and spelling first then check on sentence structure then run the piece of writing to check for any clichés.

8.    Jetpack

Are you looking for ways to sparkle your writing, grammatically correct writing that is easy to read? Jetpack has got you covered. Jetpack’s strengths are optimization, performance, site security, and proofreading. Open Jetpack then go to settings then writing. Thereafter, enable grammar check, style, and spelling. It then marks your errors automatically.

Blue highlights indicate style suggestions.

Green highlights are grammatical mistakes.

Red highlights are spelling mistakes and often misused words.

Jetpack also checks for complex sentences, jargon, biased language, and bad phrases in your writing.


Let not that one simple or rather stupid grammar error deny you that job, that visa, or that opportunity you have been yearning for. There is nothing unprofessional than grammatical errors. Do your piece of writing excellently and pass it through one or two of the above-mentioned tools just to be sure.

Each of the above tools has their own pros and cons. There are lots of tools and websites available and have their own strengths.

There is this saying that goes, to err is human. To edit is divine!