Top 5 Ways Employers Monitor Employees That Work From Home

In the last few years there has been a strong trend towards remote work – in no small part due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But as more and more employees work from home or other remote locations, employers find that they need to adapt to the new reality and find ways to monitor employees who aren’t in the office.

Without proper monitoring various difficulties might arise when employees are working from home due to distractions, feelings of detachment, and lack of in-person management. In the long term that can lead to more employees becoming disengaged and affect their productivity levels.

That is why it is so important for employers to monitor remote employees using software such as WorkExaminer. Given this pandemic situation, employers can still expect massive productivity from their employees using the right tools like Microsoft Teams and Outlook for resource scheduling. And there are many ways that they can actually do so:

  • Automated employee activity monitoring

Employee monitoring software can track all the activities employees perform on their computers. That includes when they log in, the apps they use, active or idle time, what websites they visit and more.

The Workexaminer pricing free and advanced user activity monitoring can do all that and more. Its features will let you track everything from apps to messages, emails, file transfers, and more so that you have a full view of all activity.

  • Screenshots and video recording

Monitoring software can often take screenshots at specific intervals. In the case of WorkExaminer it is also possible to record videos and include them as links in reports for more effective analysis or forensic investigations.

  • Self-monitoring modules

Some tools may allow employees access to their own data – especially when it is related to productivity. In WorkExaminer you can do the same, and different users can be configured to have different levels of access either individually or based on profiles that you set up.

  • Remote screen viewing

Instead of recording videos, it is possible to view employees’ screens remotely using monitoring software. In other words you can find out exactly what they’re looking at and observe their work in real time.

Unsurprisingly WorkExaminer has this capability as well. It can provide you with real-time monitoring via screenshots or automatically refreshed videos.

  • Keystroke capture

As its name suggests, keystroke capture is a type of monitoring that will log any and all input from the keyboard. With the keystroke capture feature in WorkExaminer you can keep tabs on documents that are being typed, messages that are sent, and more.

As you can see the monitoring software you use will have a big part to play in terms of the options you have to monitor your employees. That is part of the reason why trying WorkExaminer is a good idea – so you can see how versatile its features are.

Once you’ve tried it out, you can then decide how exactly you want to monitor your employees, and which features you need to use. The goal should be to only monitor the data you need to effectively manage them and increase productivity.