Top 5 Social Media Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

Social Media Marketing

The future of social media marketing looks bright as the competition for the top spot in the vast marketing ecosystem gets tough. Businesses are constantly reviewing their strategies to ensure they remain relevant and profitable in 2022. However, keeping up with the current marketing trends is crucial for survival in business with hopes to leverage various online platforms.  

Social media remains to be part and parcel of web users’ lives. Google has given the benchmark for user experience, and it has identified that most users browse the internet on the go. People spend most of their time scrolling on their phones or browsing the internet. They usually look at trends on various social platforms, comment on the latest posts, and catch up with friends and family. 

Overall usage of social media will continue to increase, and it’s going to get even better next year; exciting times ahead.

In the coming year, a transition from traditional marketing strategies to more sophisticated plans is a sure bet. Predicting the next move is simple, thanks to the emerging trends in social media. In addition, you can employ digital agencies in Preston, if you’re in the Lancashire area, to provide support throughout the process.

Here are some of the trends that will shake social media marketing in 2022: 

1. Convenient Shopping Platform

The COVID-19 restrictions around the world can be held accountable for the increase in online purchases. Since most people have a mobile device with internet connections, they prefer shopping online and dropping the goods at their doorsteps. This move is very convenient for users as they keep safe through these uncertain times. 

For instance, Facebook allows merchants to open and run shops on the platform, creating a paradigm shift from the traditional brick-and-mortar business. However, not everyone is conversant with these evolving digital marketing strategies, which can be a stumbling block in the marketing industry.

Social media platforms like Facebook provide a marketing avenue where sellers and buyers interact through messenger when negotiating prices for listed items. Business owners can set up a merchant’s account for their trade on the Facebook marketplace and take advantage of third-party processing channels like Shopify or BigCommerce. 

2. Growing E-Commerce Opportunities

With reports of job loss and salary cuts, social media marketing promises to seal the gaps created by the pandemic in the financial wall. People are taking advantage of this situation and creating income streams virtually by developing digital products and selling them online. On the other hand, users stand to earn for back-testing these products and creating a win-win situation.  

Judging by this trend, social media marketing will see an increase in the user preference for most platforms in the digital space.

3. Short-Form Content Marketing Avenue 

Marketers are moving from long-form to short-form content to keep up with the changing preferences of users. Keep your content short and sweet to make a potential customer want to learn more about your brand and convert as quickly as possible. Social media offers a competitive atmosphere for content marketing, and it can get better every day.

For instance, YouTube encourages users to create ‘YouTube shorts’ to advertise their products on the platform. In the same way, Facebook has short advertisements running in between videos posted by users.

4. Facebook Remains The Top Contender

Social Media

Facebook tops the leader board as it remains dominant in the social media arena. The increase in users continues to rise by the minute. Nonetheless, other contenders like YouTube are closing in the gaps. 

Recently, maintenance at Facebook caused worldwide disruption that affected 3.5 billion people on the platform. The effects caused considerable losses to the company and its users combined. 

As such, businesses should prioritize marketing on Facebook since it’s safe to predict that this platform will remain one of the top social media channels in the coming year.

5. Refined Augmented Reality Options 

What we’ve experienced in augmented reality is just the tip of the iceberg. The social section is changing to make social media marketing simple, giving refined products and services to encourage marketers to review their tactics. 

Various social marketing platforms adopt augmented reality options to entice more users and improve their interaction with products and services. For instance, you’re in the beauty products business, and you want to showcase makeup. Augmented reality can allow your target market to virtually test how to apply your products through social media.

Though in its infancy, you can maximize AR to promote customer loyalty in the future.


It’s not a secret that the marketing landscape is changing by the minute, and new strategies are coming up with digital products to transform the traditional approach to marketing. The trends show that we can expect better opportunities for businesses and individuals, ranging from lifestyle adjustments, employment and creativity. Incorporating social media marketing strategies can propel you to greater heights.