Top 5 Offbeat Applications To Find Best TV Series

Having a hectic week? 

What about watching some great series? 

Now the question is, what will you watch? 

You might reach out to any of your friends or office colleagues for some suggestions, but there is no guarantee that you will like the show they are suggesting. 

When it comes to movies, television series, and food, different people have different tastes. For example, when a huge part of Netflix users is crazy about the popular show “Money Heist,” a lot of viewers tagged it as overrated. 

That is why it is best to choose your show on your own. 

Top 5 Offbeat Applications To Find Best TV Series

It is great that you have decided to choose the shows on your own. This way, you will not be wasting your time watching a show that you might hate just because your best friend has suggested it. 

There are several applications available that can get you a list of shows and television series that you are definitely going to like. Here are some of those major applications. 

Offbeat Application No. 1: Flixi

This is an amazing TV series and movies recommendation application for your mobile. To start, you first need to set up what you like and dislike. You also can add a rating for a particular TV show; then, you will get recommendations. To know more click here

You just need to swipe right for saving the content pieces you like and bookmark them to watch later. If you want to remove any TV show from the recommendation list, swipe it left. Once you have rated over 25 different series, Flixi will start to predict what you might rate other shows. 

Offbeat Application No. 2: TV Randshow

TV Randshow directly asks you to add any television series as your favorites. Here, you just need to tap a series to similarly get any random episode along with a short synopsis. It allows you to include any show from the huge database or TMDB. 

As a result, here you will get a wider catalog. 

Do you remember the old television experience, when you should switch to a channel to find one of your favorite series and then start watching something and completely forget about the one you were searching for? Here, you will get the same thrill. 

Offbeat Application No. 3: Show Skimmer

Suppose you get a suggestion from your friend and start watching a series. After watching every episode, you might be thinking the next one will be better, and it will soothe your cravings for a good show, but you only get disappointment. 

So, next time when you are getting a recommendation on a series, do your research at Show Skimmer. This app will offer you a list of the top 10 episodes of any series, so after watching that, you will be able to find out whether it is worth a watch or not. 

Offbeat Application No. 4: No-Brainer Watchlist

This is a great option for those who like to keep everything properly organized. Here you will get 3 columns; 

  • Watched,
  • Picked,
  • Suggested. 

Next to ‘Suggested,’ you will get a drop-down menu to check what No-Brainer has to suggest to you. From the menu, you can select one by filtering them. You can watch movies or series or both of them. 

Offbeat Application No. 5: Ranker Watchworthy

This application is really famous for its collection. You will never run out of recommendations when you are using Ranker Watcheorthy. Here you are also getting an opportunity to vote and go through the synopsys. 

On the basis of your likes and ratings, the AI of Ranker Watchworthy offers you recommendations to watch. You will also get to see how many people have voted for a particular series. 

Enjoy The Recommendations You Will Really Like

From all the above-mentioned applications, you will get to watch worthy television series and also movies, which you are definitely going to like. So, now, install any of them or try all of them and pick your favorite one and then hit the play button.