Top 4 TV Shows You Can Watch with WOW TV

Living in a fast-paced world, it’s absolutely essential to unwind after a long day, and what better way to do that, than by watching some of your favorite shows?

With WOW TV, you get access to various channels and streaming sites, all in one place, to ensure that your streaming needs are met. WOW also features fast and reliable internet, with a 24/7 customer support team that is available throughout the entire year. It also has exclusive TV plans that come in 3 different tiers, ranging from Small to Medium and finally, Large.

All these tiers have different numbers of available channels, with the Small tier including 90+ TV channels, the Medium including 150+, and the Large having a whopping 260+ channels!

The WOW Channel lineup is indeed impressive, including some of the best and most popular TV networks like CBS, Comedy Central, Max, TLC, and the Disney Channel. You can also check which tiers include what channels here or simply get in touch with a customer service representative for more details.

Here are our recommendations for the top 4 shows that you can stream with WOW TV.

1. The Last of Us on Max

Based on the very famous video game, The Last of Us is essentially about two people traveling together across a zombie-infested America. Joel is a hardened man, shaped by the loss of his family, who falls guardian to the impulsive and often mischievous Ellie, who is just 14.

Set in this post-apocalyptic landscape, where zombies infected by fungi wreak havoc across the nation, Joel is determined to protect Ellie and deliver her in one piece to a group called ‘Fireflies’ who are working on a cure to stop this zombie infection, and they believe that Ellie is a key that could potentially put an end to this catastrophe.

With a gripping opening and an even more fantastic first season, the 2nd season’s expected to premiere in 2025, which means that there’s plenty of time to catch up with the show on MAX via WOW TV before the new season begins!

2. Young Sheldon on CBS

Young Sheldon is a prequel of the much-beloved show ‘The Big Bang Theory’ and it follows the character of (you guessed it!) Sheldon, as he grows up in Texas. It isn’t easy being a child prodigy, especially when you’re an exceptional 9-year-old attending high school in a place that loves to reward people for their brute, physical strength rather than their brains.

As we watch Sheldon grow up, we also see how his family adjusts and grows alongside him – his older brother who’s only interested in charming girls, and Sheldon’s twin sister, Missy, who feels ignored by her parents’ whenever Sheldon’s being… well, Sheldon!

Viewers are now excitedly waiting on the 7th season and you can now binge-watch all previous episodes on WOW TV!

3. MasterChef on FOX

You’ve all probably seen small clips of this show floating around on social media – the culinary judges tasting the dishes, Gordon Ramsay’s famous criticisms, and the nervous candidates breaking plates when the tension intensifies.

You can now stream MasterChef – United Tastes of America on FOX via WOW TV without worrying about any buffering screens. This successful show is on its 13th season, with various, talented cooks fighting in the kitchen, to make it to the top for there can be only one ultimate chef. Who knew that food and drama combined would make such an addictive mix?

4. House of the Dragon on MAX

It’s hard to imagine a show that would top Game of Thrones in all its glory but have you heard about its prequel?

House of the Dragon takes place 200 years before the storyline in Game of Thrones and it follows the tragic legacy of the Targaryen dynasty and the events that caused them to not just lose the Iron Throne, but their treasured dragons as well.

The 1st season revolves around the theme of succession, in particular, King Viserys 1’s successor – his daughter, Rhaenyra, which causes an uproar in the kingdom since no woman has ever sat on the Iron Throne. What comes next is the brutal civil war called, ‘The Dance of Dragons’ where the Targaryens stand to lose everything.

This epic tale is now available for streaming on WOW TV with its 2nd season right around the corner!

Conclusion: Watch Your Heart’s Content

Getting immersed in a TV show or a reality series allows you to escape your worldly worries and troubles for a little while. It’s a welcoming activity after a long hard day of work, and the perfect dopamine hit to relax and reset for the next day.

With WOW TV’s diverse categories of shows, movies, and documentary series, we’re sure that you’ll be glued to your screen for hours!