Top 10 Thematic Games

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Thematic games emphasize a highly developed theme, characters, heroes, or factions with individually defined abilities, player-to-player conflict, and usually feature moderate to high luck. Yet, despite the sophistication, they are unique and fun games to play. Here are some top examples. 

  1. Third Edition of Catacombs

Catacombs is a dexterity-based dungeon crawl in which all character movements and attacks are carried out by flicking. The overseer sends minions with various attributes and skills to kill the heroes. Before encountering the overseer’s Catacomb Lord, the four heroes go through several floors of the dungeon, sometimes pausing to pick up new weapons and armor. This game exploits a player’s flicking accuracy to determine the results using common dungeon crawl elements like a line of sight or area of effect spells.

  1. Specter Ops

The entire premise of Specter Ops revolves around an agent’s “get-in, get-out” objective. The agent advances by charting their course on a pad of paper. Before they finish three goals and leave the base, the hunters are entrusted with locating and eliminating the agent. The other participants play the part of the hunters. Compared to other disguised movement games, Specter Ops emphasizes line of sight more than they do. The game’s atmosphere changes if an agent flies by one of the hunters since that action leaves a marker indicating their last-known location. The hunters can even drive a car, too.

  1. Claustrophobia

Ten years later, the 2009 two-player dungeon adventure is still going strong. Scenarios take less than an hour to complete and offer a variety of goals, gameplay, and balance. In each round, the two sides use dice to determine how they will proceed. The demonic side uses dice to call troglodytes, change unit stats, and add new attributes. The church’s players place dice on boards for each person to determine each round’s stats and the available spells or skills. You can find this and many other games on Parimatch.

  1. The Arabian Nights Tales

Some refer to this game as a sandbox. It’s been argued by some that it’s more of a book than a game. However, there is no denying how closely the players are connected to the concept by the Tales of the Arabian Nights collection. Players meet objectives to perform, statuses that might aid or obstruct their travels, and always have the freedom to act whatever they like when dealing with residents of Europe, Asia, and Africa throughout the trip. Players in Tales of the Arabian Nights have complete freedom over what they do.

  1. Whitehall Mystery

Along with Scotland Yard, Whitehall Mystery is regarded as the market’s purest hidden movement game. Once the cops track out Jack the Ripper, the game is done. Before he murders four more people in London, the police must take all necessary measures to apprehend Jack the Ripper. Jack has a variety of unique means of transportation at his disposal, including coaches, boats, and hidden lanes. Even the police have playable optional powers. There is hardly any time required for setup as well.

  1. Mage Knight 

The theme of Mage Knight was Star Trek. However, when you look at Mage Knight itself, the motif permeates every part. Players must consider every hex on the expanding board’s distinct function. The cities continue to loom in the distance as the final destination. There is a significant barrier to entry in the rules. Although not an easy game, those who succeed will be rewarded.

  1. Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective

In a way that Tales of the Arabian Nights is similar, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective is primarily a reading game. About ten instances are included in each box for the players to examine. The case book, the relevant newspaper, a general map of London, and the directory are provided to the players instead of the typical game board. Each paragraph features the players attempting to put the puzzle together and accusing people who are ultimately proven innocent.

  1. Arcadia Quest

Arcadia Quest ticks all the critical boxes for a competitive, diverse, and funny game. This develops an arc as you play numerous games, giving you new tools and resentments to the harbor. Each scenario has a vibe depending on the enemies, tile arrangement, and bosses that lurk behind the doors. Even the spells and weaponry are in line with how they work. In addition, Arcadia Quest is a program that heavily emphasizes the topic.

  1. Fury of Dracula

One person portrays Dracula as he moves around Europe, aiming to control it by breeding young vampires and biting those who stand in his way. The hunters, his adversaries, have to track down and slay Dracula. Four against one may seem like an easy match on paper, but Dracula will be setting traps in his way and causing events that could alter how all of Europe functions. It is a card-based variation of rock-paper-scissors for some of the best board gaming action I’ve ever experienced. The topic is advanced by every event, weapon, player power, card, token, and artwork.

  1. The 7th Continent

Another game that requires reading is The 7th Continent, but instead of having a book of paragraphs, a portion of the cards will feature language that requires players to either perform skill checks or research the Continent. The remaining cards make up the land, which the group is free to explore at leisure. Do you check the card with the random number of the bones printed on it? Do you take the safe route and stick to a path you’ve already traveled? The 7th Continent also features a convenient save system, which is terrific.


Thematic games are many, and it would be unfair to say these are the only ones available. On Parimatch, you can find many more thematic games to play or bet on. Download the app and enjoy playing with convenience.