Tips to Create a Great Intro Using an Intro Maker

Are you struggling to make an engaging intro to make your viewers last longer? Do you want to strike the attention of your audience right from the beginning?

All you need is a perfect intro maker to create stunning intros for your YouTube videos.

This article is all about the different ways to create engaging and captivating intros for your YouTube channel. Let’s get started.

Tips create engaging intros


Ideally, an intro must be as short as 5 to 10 seconds, but you can still extend up to 1 or 2 minutes. Make sure your intros are simple and sweet. Don’t try to stuff too much information, text or audio in the intro.

A busy intro will not allow users to engage with your videos. You do not want to flash tonnes of detail to your viewers right from the beginning.

You can also add jokes, facts, or anything that catches the attention of your viewers and is related to your niche. If your channel is about scary facts and ghost stories, you can use glimpses of scary ghost and paranormal activities videos in your intros with frightening background music.

Make sure to use engaging images and videos that are surprising, scary, mouth-watering, or beautiful. Something that establishes the attention and focus of your viewers.

Use high-quality media

Never use blurry, low-quality images and videos in intros. Make sure to use crisp and clear videos for your intros to maintain engagement.

People do not like to watch videos that are of poor quality. Specifically, the quality of your intros will help viewers judge the quality of the rest of the video.

The first impression is the best impression.

So, strive to make your first impression, the best before your audience. Nobody is going to remember your intros, but they are what define your video as a whole.

Using exceptional quality media makes your videos look authoritative and trustworthy. So, using sharp and clear media for your intros is vital to enhance your reputation.

Have you ever seen popular YouTubers using pixelated images or videos? Not me.

Use engaging background music

Make sure to use relevant and engaging background music for your intros that makes your viewers get ready to sit back and enjoy.

Music makes a difference in your videos, especially, if it blends perfectly with your intro video. The right music delivers the emotion and sensation you wish to deliver to your audience without having to speak or write.

You can choose from 1000+ background music from the audio library of your intro maker and select the perfect music for your intro video.

Make sure your background is relevant to your content and not something out of track. You won’t use gleeful music for a scary video intro. Something that sounds creepy like scary piano music in the background goes well with ghost videos.

Use your brand or channel logo

Using your brand or channel logo is crucial for building a strong brand image in the minds of the viewers.

Your brand logo should appear at the end of your intro and not at the start. In simple words, your intro ends with your logo and tagline (if any).

Create and use sharp and clear logos for your brand and try to create a mascot for your brand if you can. Use modern fonts and design ideas for your logo and try to animate it.

Animated logos look very attractive and catch huge attention. A mascot humanises your brand or channel. It creates a personality and helps people create a human image of your channel in their minds.

With an intro maker, you can insert and show off your logo and mascot at its fullest size at the end of your intro.

You can consider blurring the background video or image when you’re displaying your company logo at the end. It will establish the focus on your logo completely and make it look sharper than usual.

Use modern graphics

Beautifying your intros will help you create a better impression of your channel in front of your audience.

Attractive and excellent quality graphics help you beautify your intros well. Use sleek and modern text styles, fonts and shapes to create a stunning intro for your videos.

An intro maker for your videos provides you with a variety of cool modern text boxes, graphics, colours, images and animations to help you create a posh intro.

You can also use emojis and overlays to enhance engagement in your videos.

Add your social handles

Intros and outros are a golden opportunity to display your social handles and to ask your fans to start following you on social media.

That way, you can increase your active followers and fans even on social media and improve recognition and image. It is an intelligent way to become more popular social media using YouTube.

Be consistent

Never lose track of your channel’s style and appearance. Maintain consistency while making intros, outros and the content of your videos.

Make sure the style of your intro video matches the channel’s style. Maintaining consistency keeps your audience from dividing their attention and break the link between the intro and the content.

Use the same colours, shapes, text styles and background music throughout your videos. Use the same intro and outro for all your videos and avoid remaking them. It will save you time and maintain consistency throughout your channel. You can achieve this by an online intro maker.

Create engaging outros

Here is a pro tip. Create highly engaging outros for your channel.

Outros are more important than intros because that’s where your audience gets the final take. You can use outros to link other videos on your channel for higher viewership.

You can display all your social media handles here and ask them to follow you on these platforms.

InVideo Intro Maker

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