Tips for Choosing the Right Podcast Hosting Platform

PodcastIt is crucial that you choose a reliable podcast hosting platform. Therefore, before you start shooting your videos, research to identify a good podcast host; please note that a good host can facilitate you to have a lot of traffic on your podcast. Different podcast hosts have unique directories. The host you will select should have the appropriate software to support your podcasts and any changes you will make in the future as you grow your shoots. But just what are the tips for choosing the right podcast hosting platform? Read below:

Consider Your Target Audience

The growth of your podcast activities is determined by the number of audiences you shall have. Therefore, you need to understand who your particular audiences are, what they like listening to, which platforms they use to access your podcasts. The duration they spent listening to your podcasts. This way, you can adjust your shots to cater more to their needs.

Your understanding of your podcast’s listenership can also help you develop strategies to engage your audience better and give them some insights. Looking at numerous platforms helped the folks over at filter out the noise before finding the correct tools to understand podcasts’ leadership by checking listeners’ reviews. Good and positive reviews will insinuate that the audience is enjoying your content, while negative reviews can mean you need to make your content more engaging.

Understand the type of audience you have, as this can help you analyze which group of audience you are missing out on so that you can purposely strive to attract them. Consider hosts that allow you to have clear insights into your shows. Some hosts have tracking tools that analyze the audience’s uptake of every single show.

The Storage

As a podcaster, you will be involved in doing a lot of talking.  Perhaps your talkativeness is one of the reasons that is inspiring you to start a podcast. Therefore, you would want a podcast host that can accommodate your shows at the beginning of the shows and for as long as you shall want your shows to be viewed by the audiences. You should beware that some podcast hosts have storage limits and do not accept shows that exceed a certain storage size. Some other hosts also have limitations on the length of your shows.

It is vital that you identify a host with reasonable time limits and file size limits or one with unlimited storage, as this will give you the freedom to play around with your shots. Get a host that can fulfill your file size needs and the length of the show. Remember, the time your host gives you is determined by the amount of time you pay. More time means more money so choose your perfect fit. You should also choose a host that can let you share multiple podcasts on different RSS feeds.

Podcast Integrations

It is essential that you choose a podcast host that has different integrations into the podcast. For instance, your podcast host should allow for the integration of your podcast with your website. This way, your audience will understand who the podcaster is, why the podcaster does the shows, and any other information that can be relayed better using a website. The website can also give the audience information on how to subscribe to your shows, rewind to listen to the previous podcasts, and even go to the latest episode.

Your host should allow you to sell your brand via a website other than the podcast itself. You can check if your host has extensions by confirming whether your host’s podcast software has a WordPress plugin. With these plugins, you can integrate many themes to increase your website’s aesthetic value and manage your podcast and website using a dedicated personal dashboard. Such integrations can also enable you to update your podcast and website subsequently instead of doing double work manually. Domain routings are also a factor to consider as they facilitate various integrations.Integrations

Extra Services

Some podcast hosts are kind enough to offer you some extra services to enhance your content creation journey.  Your host should allow you to host your shows on all the directories that a particular host has. Additionally, your host should enable you to share your podcasts on youtube to reach a bigger audience. This is crucial as people recently prefer to listen to podcasts on youtube. Therefore, your podcast host should have an automatic republishing of your content on youtube once you share the content on the platform. Your host should also allow you to monetize your podcasts, especially if you are seriously in the business of content creation.

You must choose a  host that can allow you to have a full transcription of your podcast on your website. There are several transcription services you can use to ensure the hard-of-hearing can also access your content. In this regard, your podcast host should enable you to transcribe each episode should you choose to seamlessly.