TikViral: A Brief Guide to Fundraise for a Cause via TikTok 

Even though technology drives the world to the next level, millions of needy are out there. With limited means, these people strive to get the basic necessities like food, clothing, healthcare, education, and more. So why not support them with the resources you are blessed with? 

Fundraising is one such fascinating idea to raise money for a friend, neighbor, or penniless person anywhere in the world. Despite the fact that technology cannot eradicate poverty or meet needs directly, it facilitates the fundraising process. Yes, the invention of the internet and the emergence of digital platforms paves the way for non-profit organizations as well as volunteers to contribute to a specific cause. 

Though there are a plethora of digital platforms, social media is the best, as people spend more time here. TikTok is a new kid in the social media landscape. This vertical video-sharing platform enables users to share short-form videos to keep audiences engaged. The app is primarily used by younger generations and the algorithm is viral in nature which makes it an ideal platform for fundraising. Moreover, TikTokers can take advantage of TikViral to enhance content exposure and attain their goals instantly. 

Are you a newbie to TikTok? Willing to leverage TikTok for fundraising for a cause? Then, look no further! This article comes up with the essential information you need to know about fundraising for a cause, especially on TikTok. So let’s get started now! 

TikTok for Good: What It Really Means? 

Still, many people think TikTok is all about watching entertainment videos like dancing, lip-syncing, and funny or prank videos. But this versatile application is beneficial for almost all sectors like education, e-learning, healthcare brands, online business, non-profit organizations, and so on. 

TikTok for Good is a dedicated program of TikTok application that presents three different factors; account management, advanced analytics, and hashtag challenges. Individuals and organizations can utilize these aspects to raise awareness or collect donations for a social cause. 

How to Raise Funds for a Social Cause on TikTok? 

As discussed earlier, the majority of TikTok users are younger generations like Gen Zs, Millenials, etc. These audiences show more interest in supporting society or people with their money while scrolling through a never-ending feed of TikTok. 

Fundraisers should take this opportunity to target those audiences. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to consider other ages of people. Simply understand the application and its working algorithm to deliver platform-based content. Also, gather the demographics of your target audiences to share content that interests them and seeks their attention right away. 

6 Strategies to Make the Most Out of TikTok Fundraising

#1 Showcase a Fundraiser on Your Profile 

To encourage donations from native audiences, TikTok has rolled out a feature to display a fundraiser on a user’s profile. Interested to learn how? All you have to do is open your profile page, land on the bio section and add a link to the organization you want to support. 

The respective link appears under the follow button so that your profile visitors can hit on the link if they wish to give donations. Currently, this feature is available for verified charitable organizations. Utilize the feature to your advantage and be the person who uplifts your society.  

Doesn’t your profile access this feature right now? Then, keep your worries at bay! Similar to other social media platforms, you can reach your target audiences by sharing short videos in such a way that it cracks the TikTok algorithm and win the hearts of people. 

#2 Value Your Audience with Valuable Videos 

Next to entertainment, educational videos are more popular among TikTok audiences. Already, tons of videos out there on TikTok. Even though you can post long-form videos, creating and sharing short-form videos is better to hold the audience’s attention and convey the message effectively. 

Get inspiration from content creators, influencers, or other non-profits that outshine TikTok. Think out of the box and unleash your creativity to bring out the best video content that spreads the word about a cause and draws people towards it. 

Instead of wasting your time on random content, analyze the hottest topic, future event, or current social issue to curate videos in accordance with it. In addition, share tips, trick, hacks, or anything that helps your followers and potential audiences. No matter what, your video content should be worth watching for the viewers. 

#3 Make Use of Donation Stickers 

Donation stickers are an excellent choice for promoting a TikTok fundraising campaign. If you are an avid social media user, you might have used stickers on Instagram while sharing stories. Likewise, you can attach a Donation sticker to your video. 

When viewers click on this sticker, they will be redirected to the donation form in order to donate money to a particular non-profit organization. In simple words, a donation sticker is a powerful call to action (CTA) that encourages audiences to contribute to a specific cause. Obviously, a Donation sticker is a convenient yet compelling way to fundraise. However, before using the Donation sticker, ensure your account is eligible or meets the requirements to access this feature. 

#4 Take Part/Launch Hashtag Challenges

Challenges are one of the sought-after content formats on TikTok. The people right here would like to consume engaging or interactive content. With a clear understanding of this, non-profits or fundraisers can launch a hashtag challenge that motivates app users to take action for a particular cause. 

Take time to discover a short yet engaging hashtag that reaches a broader audience and gathers more volunteers for your fundraising campaign. Additionally, buy tiktok likes to boost engagement rate and make your video viral-worthy to reach millions of audiences soon. 

#5 Seek the Support of TikTok Influencers 

Influencer marketing is the best way to increase the visibility of a video and reap the rewards to the fullest. There are tons of influencers belonging to different niches. First, search for a celebrity or famous figure who can support the cause you’re raising funds for. Then, please enable them to share video content among their loyal followers for better campaign results. 

Of course, you don’t want to invest vast amounts of money or choose only top-rated or macro-influencers. You can also opt for a nano-influencer or micro-influencer, depending on your need and the budget you’ve planned. 

#6 Harness the Potential of the ‘Go Live’ Feature 

Another great way to accomplish your fundraising objective is utilizing TikTok’s ‘Go Live’ feature. Like Instagram or Facebook, users can live stream videos to connect with audiences in real-time. Unfortunately, many people keep them from donating money online because there are many spam or fake accounts. 

Live streaming videos and discussing the cause with people virtually build credibility and bring more donors than ever before. Go live when you celebrate a special occasion, conduct fundraising events, how to give hands to the needy, and much more that portray your authenticity and genuineness to the public. This way, you could take your fundraising campaign to the next level and get the best out of it. 

Final Thoughts 

Modern problems require modern solutions! TikTok can be a contemporary way to conduct awareness or fundraising campaigns. Hence, now is the time to establish your presence here, build your profile, and keep serving the needy! Don’t hesitate to experiment with in-app features and curate content in unique ways. 

Never give up! Give your best and gladden the world with what you can! Good luck 🙂 

Thanks for reading! If you find this article beneficial, please share it with your friends and family willing to contribute to a good cause.