Three Steps To Deliver A Great Business Presentation

Whether it is the annual board meeting, investor pitch, or a marketing strategy proposal, presentations are everywhere! For companies of all scales around the world, business presentations sit at the epicenter of operations. Whether the goal is to sell an idea, woo an investor or onboard a client, it is your presentation that casts the first and only impression.

PowerPoint is supposed to make life easier for presenters, however often people use ordinary slides, designs and miss out on the opportunities just because of average-looking slides. This post will serve as your definitive guide to creating engaging business presentations that cast a lasting impression. 

Let’s move ahead and understand how you can create and deliver effective business presentations.

Utilize PowerPoint Templates:

Creating a presentation takes a lot of time and concentration, especially when you’re presenting to clients, board members, and investors. Often presenters use factory presentation slides and animations and churn out ordinary slides. Presenters must understand that the design of a presentation is as important as the subject itself. It is the design that captures the interest of your audience and helps you close the deal!

Rather than creating a presentation from scratch, you can benefit from ready-to-use PowerPoint templates from SlideModel. The templates are specifically crafted for business meetings, improve understanding & save time. Not just that, you can customize the presentation 100% and align it with your company’s branding guidelines. You can also leverage state-of-the-art diagrams, infographics, and vector diagrams to visualize key data and information for your audience.

Storytell the Presentation:

Presenters can harness the power of storytelling and boost the presentation experience for the audience multi-folds. In other terms, storytelling allows you to provide your audience with an emotional touch. Since human brains are hardwired for storytelling, a purposeful storylines presentation can reach the hearts and minds of your audience.

Presenters can transform the audience into active participants once they are into the story emotionally and cognitively. You can make that all happen with visually engaging templates for PowerPoint. Presenters can describe their or the company’s journey & key milestones through visual imagery, 3D shapes, intuitive typography, and much more. Put information into perspective with storytelling, today!

Follow 10/20/30:

The 10/20/30 rule is one of the most popular techniques of presentation making. Presenters around the world leverage this rule to craft near-perfection slides for the presentation. The rule states that there should be no more than ten slides per presentation. Further, it emphasizes that your entire presentation delivery should not go beyond 20 minutes. At last, the rule encourages you to set font size/typography at 30 pt.

The rule, if implemented well can transform your presentation into a memorable experience. Often presenters overload the slides with a plethora of information which throws the audience off the track. You can avoid the phenomenon- ‘Death by PowerPoint’ by following the 10/20/30 rule. Keep the slides minimal yet informative, wrap it up in a short time and keep the content big enough to allow everybody in the room to capture it.

Wrapping It Up:

Creating and delivering an awesome business presentation is a multi-layered skill set involving an array of variables. The article is a good starting piece to fine-tune your presentation skills and create slides that matter. The goal is not to overwhelm the audience with random texts and numbers but to mesmerize them with less content, intuitive infographics, mind maps, and so forth.