This Guide Will Help You Use Bonuses In Betting Or Casino Games

You can’t always accurately predict a roulette wheel’s outcome. However, it is the unpredictability of gambling that makes it as enjoyable as it is. Never knowing whether you’re going to make life-changing money or lose everything can be exciting. While a lot of the fun of gambling lies in its inherent unpredictability there are still things you can do to tip things in your favour. One of the best ways of increasing your chances of winning when you gamble is using bonuses. Casino bonuses give people the chance to play without using any of their own money, maximising profits.

Here is how you can use bonuses to your advantage:

What Are Bonuses?

In order to provide information on how to use bonuses effectively it’s first necessary to explain what they are. Bonuses are given by casinos to players in order to encourage them to then play with their own money; experts say that bonuses are a clever way for casinos to get their users hooked as once players have spent their bonus money, they are more likely to then deposit their own. There are many different types of bonuses, from cash gifts to free spins. One of the most popular kinds of bonus is the no deposit bonus, like the BetNow no deposit bonus which is essentially just a free cash gift to players who sign up for their site. The term ‘no deposit’ just means you do not need to make a deposit of your own to play because the bonus pays you. Cash bonuses are the best kind so try to access them when you are looking for bonuses to use as cash bonuses give you more freedom and control over what you play.

Using Bonuses

If you are interested in using bonuses to play online casino games then it’s worth noting that because there are so many, you can use more than one at once. In other words, you can sign up for multiple casinos simultaneously, using the bonuses they offer to maximise earnings. There is a style of betting called matched betting which this post will cover in more detail next that basically just involves using bonuses to play, never your own money. If you plan on using bonuses then you need to ensure the games you are playing have favourable odds. Many casinos give players bonuses and then insist they play specific unfavourable games. You won’t be able to use bonuses to your advantage if you are only ever playing games with odds, not in your favour. To determine what a game’s odds are you can either read the description box below it or reach out to the casino whose site you are playing on. In most countries, casinos are required to provide players with information about game odds if they request. In others, they are required to openly publish game odds. Always educate yourself about the odds of the games you are playing.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is the style of betting mentioned in the previous section that involves only ever using casino bonuses to make bets. Adherents to this style never deposit any money of their own. It can, for this reason, be a very effective way of making money. To take this method up a comprehensive understanding of gambling is required, however. Until you know everything about the games you are playing and can turn the odds in your favour, you will not be very good at it. Those who subscribe to matched betting tend more often than not to be very experienced gamblers. Fortunately, there are an endless amount of guides available to read online on almost every topic related to gambling; if you are somebody who’s interested in becoming a pro gambler then it is worth checking them out. Educating yourself will help you to prevent yourself from making mistakes. Bear in mind that from time to time even the most experienced bettors lose money. If you do not make a concerted effort to educate yourself then your losses will come more than your wins do. Try to stick with live games as they are the easiest ones to win, especially for beginners.

Bonus Abuse

Sadly, casinos have made it very hard for people to profit from matched betting. Many now regard it as ‘bonus abuse’ – a term they have essentially just made up in order to punish individuals savvy enough to turn a profit from nothing. However, you can get around being identified as a bonus abuser very easily. To do this all you must do is use a casino bonus and then withdraw your earnings. Deposit the money you have withdrawn back into the same account or into another. By doing this, you will avoid the casino’s detection algorithm and make it look like you are playing with your own money. If you plan on depositing your winnings back into the same account you withdrew them from, deposit a little more or a little less. Depositing a tiny bit more could be a good way of completely avoiding detection. If you deposit less there is a small chance the casino could realise what you have done and lock your account. Experts say the best way to avoid detection is to move money around between casinos, depositing your winnings in different casinos and using them to play in them rather than playing in the same casino with earnings from it.

Sensible Gambling

Gambling can be a good way of having fun and making money. At the same time, it can be a pretty effective way of going broke. Unless you are somebody who’s in total control of themselves it is unwise to attempt to gamble. Spend some time doing your research and learning about the risks of gambling before taking up any kind, even matched betting. You can just as easily lose money with matched betting as you can with any other style. Educating and informing yourself about the risks will help you to avoid making mistakes.

Betting can be dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. As touched on in the last section gambling addiction can be an effective way of bankrupting yourself. As an individual interested in casino games one of the best ways to limit your losses is playing with the house’s money. Using casino bonuses is therefore something you should prioritise. Try to avoid spending your own money.