The Top Reasons Why Solar Energy Is Better Than Nuclear

Solar Energy

If you’re a homeowner who’s seriously considering investing in solar panels, then your main concerns are likely saving money on utilities and helping the environment.

But you’ve heard nuclear energy is also a clean and green way to keep your bills low.

Everyone’s quick to explain why solar energy is better than nuclear, and why nuclear energy is better than solar, but what’s the truth?

We’re here to set the record straight with some energy facts and information when it comes to deciding which one is better.

Keep reading for the top reasons why solar energy benefits homeowners and has the edge over nuclear.

Simpler Energy Production

What is solar energy in the first place?

Solar energy comes from solar panels. Panels use photovoltaic (PV) cells to capture the sun’s energy and redirect it to your home. After they install residential panels on your roof, there’s nothing else to do save for general maintenance.

Solar power plants also tend to take only 9 months to become fully operational.

Nuclear power plants, on the other hand, can take up to 69 months from starting construction to generating their first megawatt.

These power plants harness nuclear energy by using atomic reactions (nuclear fission) to boil water. The steam from the water powers a turbine, producing energy for every home on the grid.

Solar Panels Last Longer

How durable is a solar panel?

They can last anywhere from 25-30 years. They do degrade slowly over time, but their longer shelf-life means less waste when it comes time to replace them.

If you’re in Kentucky and you want to learn more about solar panel durability, you can check it out here.

Nuclear energy, on the other hand, produces radioactive waste. Power plant companies do try their best to bury or seal uranium in appropriate chemical-hazard containers, it’s true. But the fact remains they’re leaving behind waste that could affect the local area for years afterward.

Nuclear plants also require a constant supply of uranium to power their reactions. While uranium isn’t a rare element, it’s nowhere near as everlasting and available as the sun’s energy.

Why Solar Energy Is Better Than Nuclear: Safety

We tend to all have shared fears surrounding Chernobyl and Fukushima, the two most publicized nuclear reactor failures in history.

Despite the collective fascination and trauma, most nuclear power plants are perfectly safe. Workers are trained to identify all possible hazards and take extreme caution when they perform their job.

While the instances are few and far between, there’s no chance of solar power plants having a “meltdown” the same way nuclear power plants do. Laborers in the solar industry primarily work installing panels rather than monitoring nuclear reactions.

Solar and Renewable Energy Are The Future

For some, it’s the lower utility bills. For others, it’s the knowledge that they’re helping the environment. Many homeowners feel proud and greener when they see their rooftop solar panels.

So, what’s your top reason why solar energy is better than nuclear?

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