The Top Features to Check When Shopping for a Standing Desk

Looking to shop for a new standing desk? Don’t get overwhelmed by the thousands of options in the market!

Standing desks have become one of the newest innovations in the office furniture market, and they look poised to solve many of the current health problems in the workplace associated with today’s growing sedentary lifestyle. If you’re one of those individuals who have finally decided to convert your workstation into an ergonomic space and get started living a healthier lifestyle by investing in a standing desk, we hope this guide will help you find the right desk for your space and your needs.

Standing Desk Shopping: What Features Should You Check?

When shopping for a new sit-stand desk, there are some basic features you need to check to ensure you get the desk that is right for you. When making your choice, look into the following key features:

Type of standing desk motor

You’ll find two types of motors when it comes to standing desks—single motor and dual motors. The difference is simple: you get either one motor powering the entire desk or two. You’ll likely think that two motors powering the desk is better, and for the most part you will be correct.

A dual-motor standing desk has the following benefits:

  • It can carry more load
  • It can move faster from one height to the next when doing adjustment, though the difference from a single-motor desk is not too significant
  • In general, it has a longer lifespan

However, that doesn’t mean that the single motor desk is a bad option. If the desk won’t need to carry a lot of weight, then a single motor will do fine. Besides, a single-motor standing desk is:

  • Less costly compared to a dual-motor desk
  • Easier to maintain because of the fewer number of parts

For an actual comparison, you can check this post.

Frame construction and design

When it comes to the frame of a standing desk, the options you’ll often get are either a dual-segment or a three-segment frame, pertaining to the number of columns put together to make up the frame. The main difference is the range of height adjustment the frame would allow. A three-segment frame is able to provide a wider range of height adjustment, which is especially helpful for those in the taller or the shorter user spectrum, as well as for standing desks that may have more than one user. 

Apart from this, another thing you may want to consider when it comes to the frame is the design, whether a T-frame or a C-frame. The former is more common, a design that places the frame at the center of the desk underneath, therefore providing balance and stability. However, C-frames have grown in popularity because they free up space underneath the desk, which is helpful if you are adding mounts for equipment such as your CPU. Whichever you decide should depend on your specific need.

Size, shape, and design of the tabletop

From the motor, to the frame, and finally the tabletop, the surface that will handle all the materials and equipment you need on your desk. 

Given that, you need to check what items you will need your desk to handle. Do you have a large monitor, or dual monitors, perhaps? Do you need more surface area for all your stuff? If so, you can choose a large desk instead of the regular variety.

Apart from the number of materials you will need the desk to handle, also check the space you have for the desk. Do you have a small space, a bigger one, or maybe a corner space? When it comes to this, you will find rectangular desks and L-shaped desks, able to fit a variety of spaces.

You may also want to look into the table top design. Would you like to go with neutral colors that will match any space? Or, perhaps one that has a bolder design that will allow your standing desk to stand out, maybe make it the center of the room? If you’re into customized furniture, you will also find desks with table tops that are handmade from solid wood, perfect for adding a high-quality piece in your space. 

What the MotionGrey Standing Desk Offers

MotionGrey offers high-quality standing desks that are among the leading options you will find in the market today. It offers both single-motor and dual-motor standing desks, sit-stand desks with three-segment frames for a wide range of users, and a large selection of table tops—rectangular and L-shaped, from minimalist table tops in neutral colors to customized and handmade tops for more discerning users.

These standing desks can handle a sufficient amount of weight. They have more than decent lifting speed, as well as a low operating noise that won’t distract you as you work. If you are looking for the right standing desk, you can be sure these are some of the highest-quality and most affordable options available in the market. You can check the complete selection in the MotionGrey website.