The Online Casinos Handbook For New Players


Online casinos have been gaining popularity recently, with more people joining the community to play their all-time favourite games in the comfort of their homes. You might be enticed by the attractive jackpots offered on these casino sites, but it is essential for new faces like yourself to be familiarised with the platform before diving in. To better equip yourself with the necessary knowledge, read this article as we cover the different types of casino games, finding a suitable casino site, and some basic rules of online casinos. 

Learn more about online casino

Online casinos, like, are internet-based sites where users can play casino classics on desktop or mobile. Games such as slots or table games can be played using real cash or played just for fun. If you are new to casino games themselves, we suggest you read up on the respective game rules before registering a casino account. 

However, not all casino sites operate the same way. Some casino sites require users to download an application beforehand while some offer users with instant play mode too. Players are encouraged to register with casino sites that best suit their playing style.

Beginner-friendly casino games

Before creating an account, beginners should always check the available games on the specific site, along with the themes and formats of games offered. Classic casino table games such as blackjack and roulette are usually available on casino sites. Players can also opt to play these games live with an actual dealer for an enhanced experience. Games like poker and scratch cards are also gaining traction, and more sites are starting to include them in their game collection. 

Slot games are one of the most beginner-friendly games a casino novice should check out. Since casino sites organise slot games through an eternal software vendor, users are guaranteed that the gaming experience will be smooth, enjoyable and even rewarding. 

Generally, most casino sites offer a demo version or a free trial for potential customers to get a taste of their games. Beginners should use this to their advantage and familiarise themselves with the rules and additional features before depositing money. 

How to spot a good online casino site 

With the rise of online casinos, there are just too many sites for a player to choose from. To make your decision-making process easier, we’ve listed five key pointers that will guide you in finding a casino site that fits your needs. 

  1. Licensing

A credible online casino site should own a licence from their country’s gambling commission to be deemed as a legal entity. Sites that do not own such licences are untrustworthy, and they should be avoided at all costs. 

  1. Reputation

Looking at a casino site’s reputation within its industry is a good way to measure if it will be a good fit. Beginners should research their preferred site prior to registering, and reviews by existing players are a good indication of the site’s reputation. 

  1. Games

The best online casino sites are ones that offer a plethora of games while utilising a good software vendor that ensures a smooth user experience. If you are interested in a particular game, consider looking for sites that specialise in the specific game too.

  1. Promotions

Although this factor should not be the sole factor that influences your decisions, promotions are still an important element that strongly impacts your overall winnings. Each site tends to offer different forms of promotions. For starters, try looking for welcome bonuses as they can be of great help to beginners. In the long run, promotions such as bonus spins are something to look out for!

  1. Support 

The best casino sites are those that offer round the clock customer support. This support is usually available through the following platforms: email, hotline and live chat. Aside from offering convenient customer support, users should take note of sites that offer a quick response time alongside knowledgeable and friendly call agents. 

How to manage your account

The majority of casino sites offer a wide range of payment methods, so it is up to the user to pick a site that allows them to manage the account easily. Depositing money can be done almost immediately, but the withdrawal of your winnings tends to take longer (even up to eight days) to complete. Payment wise, players can choose to deposit via debit card, e-wallet and bank transfers – some sites even allow payment to be made via a phone bill too. When choosing a casino site, remember to inform yourself about the speed of payment, overall convenience, and the payment processing fees before registering. 

Basic rules of online casinos

When you start playing at online casinos, keep in mind the following rules to maximise your experience here. This way, you might even win a jackpot too!

  1. Setting a budget 

To prevent yourself from overspending and making huge losses, it is essential to set a spending limit – whether daily, weekly or on a monthly basis. For starters, the budget can amount to a small portion of your disposable income. We recommend beginners to start playing only with cash that they can bear to lose. 

  1. Read through the game rules

Traditional games on online casino sites are relatively simple. However, it is still necessary for any player to read its rules and familiarize themselves with the game’s terms and conditions before playing it. Preparing yourself prevents possible mishaps and increases your winning chances in the game.

  1. Developing strategies

Although betting games are always associated with luck, a person’s winning rate on these games can be significantly impacted by including strategies. 

  1. Avoid chasing the losses

Losses are inevitable. But trying to recuperate from the loss can sometimes cause greater damage at times. Hence, it is important for you to accept the loss and call it quits before the losses increase. 

  1. Be polite to the dealers 

In a live casino game, the game will be conducted by a real-life dealer. So even if you are on a winning or losing streak, please be polite to the dealers. It will be a nice gesture to leave them a small-time too. 


After reading this article, the new faces to this industry should have a better understanding of how online casinos work by now. We recommend beginners to keep this as a guide as they start surfing the net to look for a casino site to play with.