The Most Common Website Design Mistakes

These days, almost all people can build websites with ease. They don’t need to learn how to compose the code. By using a website builder, anyone can become a web designer. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to have a desire to create a website along with a computer to launch a popular web portal on the Internet. Therefore, most sites that people launch online are not useful and look terrible. Moreover, Google crawl robots examine the UI/UX to rank sites. Consequently, it’s vital to pay close attention to the design when building sites. If you’re a novice, don’t forget to read about the most widespread website design mistakes in the post below.

Lack of Responsiveness

In the era of smartphones, a large share of traffic comes from mobile devices. All smartphones and tablets have different screen sizes. Therefore, it’s vital to create sites that look great on all devices. If you tailor a new site’s design according to the screen on your desktop, you will conduct one of the worst mistakes in site development. Note, all people have devices with different screen sizes. Some users enjoy exploring the Internet using their smartphones, while others use large monitors.

A website should look ideally on any screen used to preview it. Since Google measures the responsiveness of sites, it affects the position of your site in search results. For example, the 100% Free Essays Database works great on mobile devices and computers. It is one of the factors that makes it so popular. Otherwise, Google would likely downrate the website. Since it’s impossible to reduce or increase the size of objects according to the screen sizes of devices, it’s required to rearrange the layout on screens of different sizes. Therefore, you will need to use Bootstrap technology to create distinctive versions of your site for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Unmatched Colors

When creating the designs of sites, it’s vital to pay close attention to colors. Unfortunately, most people think that combinations of different colors are required to make the design alluring. Therefore, many inexperienced people pick the best colors and craft unique designs. It is one of the most popular mistakes conducted, which negatively affects the success of sites.

However, colors play a more critical role in website design. For starters, it’s required to research and pick the primary color that matches your industry. For example, red is the best color for sites related to food and meals. Then, you have to pick a palette of colors that match red. Note, there should always be a contrast color that stands out from others in a palette. It will help you draw attention to crucial elements like contact details or the Buy Now button on a web page.

Confusing Navigation

In achieving the goal of building unique designs, some users consider unique solutions that confuse users and increase bounce rates. For example, they may hide navigation buttons in sidebars that appear upon a click on particular icons without any captions. It may be a good design solution. However, it confuses new visitors because they don’t know what to do to find a search bar or navigate the contact us page. Consequently, they spend a lot of time figuring out how to use a site or leave it.

Navigation buttons should be reachable and intuitive so that people won’t hassle finding what they want on a website. For example, the Free Term Papers and Essays Online site has all the categories listed so that users can easily find a required topic to explore.

Hard-To-Read Fonts and Large Images

All websites share content online. Therefore, it’s vital to make the content easy to consume. However, striving to create bright websites with designs that stand out from the crowd, many people consider unique fonts and colors that may result in a severe mistake. Indeed, using bright yellow or red fonts on a white background is the most horrible website design mistake. Also, many people consider using handwriting fonts, which is also not the best solution. The problem lies in that it’s hard to read blog posts published in custom fonts. Moreover, some devices may not display them.

It’s vital to use pictures to compose top-quality website designs. Striving to create designs of outstanding quality, inexperienced users usually pick images of the best quality possible. Unfortunately, large images significantly slow down the loading speed, which negatively affects ranking. Therefore, it’s vital to balance the size and quality of media files when choosing images.

Bothering Ads and Popups

To promote particular products or force users to share their contact details, site owners frequently add popups that appear when users browse sites. Indeed, they can be helpful if they appear one time only. However, when ads appear constantly, they bother users and force them to leave sites that can hardly be explored without closing popups. Also, it’s required to pick areas for placing ads wisely. It’s recommended to place ads near the most exciting content to increase the effectiveness of ads. You can make messages sticky in sidebars or integrate them into the content.