The Main Rules In The Popular Versions Of Poker


The Most Famous Version of The Game

Whenever poker games are mentioned, the generally known version for playing it is the Texas Hold’em. This impressive popularity is one that goes all over the world and it can also be thanks to being depicted in many blockbuster movies.

Even if Texas Hold’em is the most played version, poker has been ramified into a multitude of styles, making sure to cover all the preferences of the poker enthusiasts. If you are searching for the NJ online casino list, will offer a complete guide. You will be acquainted with all the necessary details, insides and really valuable summaries.

The poker games are usually played using a regular pack of cards and for most of the games, excluding the Jokers. In order to be a successful and profitable game, the poker players should already be very familiarized with the rules and have some strong skills. Poker also needs a good level of focus on the choices of each opponent. Without total implication all through the game you will not be able to determine if your adversaries are bluffing and to decide if your cards are good enough to increase your bets. Because the participants have the option to bluff, the results of each played hand can be completely changed just by using this special skill.

The results of any poker game will always be in strong connection to the number of players. Probabilities will change together with the number of participants and because the concept of poker involves defeating your opponents, the winning chances are also depending on your personal abilities, not just on the value of your cards.

 For the online casinos subscribers that need to get more practice before placing bets, they get the chance to train by playing on trial mode. These versions do not include real money, they are completely free of risks and will offer a great walk through.

The Three Major Poker Categories

Each and every version of poker has as its main source one of the three major categories of the game, draw poker, stud or community cards. The classifications are based on the way the cards are dealt and how the game unfolds.

Community cards poker is the version that is considered the most easy to learn and it is also the most played one. Each participant will be dealt a number of cards that will remain unknown to the other, as well as a number of community cards that will be revealed along the game. The players will always use a combination of cards in order to obtain the best formation. The most popular versions are Texas Hold’em and Omaha.

A game of draw poker involves a certain number of cards that are being dealt to each participant. Through each round the players will replace some of their cards in order to build the winning hand. The cards will not be revealed to the others as the game will continue to unfold, but only the players that will bet or pay a bet will reveal the cards. One of the oldest and most known versions of draw poker is the 5 Card Draw Poker.

While playing stud poker, the gamblers are dealt both exposed cards and personal cards. This means that each participant gets some details on the hand of other players. Seven Cards Stud is the most popular version, in which the players get 2 cards facing down and 1 facing up. Through each round, the remaining participants will be dealt a total of 3 more cards facing up and 1 down card. The winning hand includes the best 5 cards combination.

Community cards poker and stud poker are the versions that most players would choose, no matter if playing in online casinos or in land-based venues. Whilst draw poker is no longer the first option for playing in casinos, it is still a very popular game when played at home. It is also the source for video poker.

The Most Played Versions of Poker and Their Main Rules


As already mentioned, the most appreciated poker style is Texas Hold’em. This version is also uncomplicated, most used by those who want to learn how to play poker and very popular for the high competitions as well.

Each player will get 2 personal cards, the cards will remain undisclosed for the other players through the game and 5 community cards that will remain on the table and will be revealed through each round. Along the game the players will get the chance to call a bet, raise or fold. For those advancing in the game, the last community card is revealed, this phase being known as the river – and they get the chance to bet again. The players that are still in the game after this last betting round will reveal their personal cards and compare them. The best combination of 5 cards wins the jackpot.

Omaha Hi is mainly based on the rules of Texas Hold’em, the first difference is that each player will get 4 personal cards. The winning hand still consists of 2 personal cards and 3 community cards, which gives more chances for the players to obtain great combinations. Usually Omaha Hi is played with a pot limit, but the game is almost as popular as Texas Hold’em.

Seven cards stud doesn’t imply hole nor community cards, but each participant will be dealt 2 cards that are personal together with 1 card facing up. The gambler that has the lowest value of the facing up card is the one that will actually start the round. The second round will include a second face up card and the first move will belong to the player that has the highest value. The same goes for the fifth and sixth streets. Only the seventh street will bring one more personal card. All participants will now have a total of 7 cards, of which they must decide which is the best combination of 5. In the showdown phase the best poker hand will win the pot.

Playing poker is an excellent option whenever you want a really challenging casino game. It is true that it does request a good level of practice, commitment and regularly work on your abilities and strategies, but it is also very rewarding. Poker is always present in every casino as the game is famous for offering outstanding experiences. Discover what is the best version of poker for your style and enjoy the thrilling pace!