The Inner Workings of Search Engine Optimization

We’ve all heard the acronym SEO and most of us know it’s all about boosting a website’s rankings within Google search results, which should drive organic traffic to the client’s website. Google have long been the king of search engines and they are quite secretive about the algorithms they use with their search engine.

Knowing Google

Ask any SEO technician and they’ll confirm the need for inner-working knowledge; they might keep some secrets, but they do offer a lot of support for businesses that wish to improve their online profile. Talk to the leading SEO agency in Las Cruces and they will carry out an online audit to determine the current status, which forms the basis for a digital marketing plan. Indeed, Google is far from your enemy; register your website and send Google a sitemap (you can generate this for free online), which they add to their directory.

Google Analytics

If you want the best from your SEO budget, you need to make good use of Google Analytics, which has many powerful tools to help you. When you approach a leading SEO agency, they can create a plan that is based on a lot of research, which is more likely to perform.

The Importance of Keyword Research

You can’t simply base your SEO strategy on a few keywords that you ‘think’ would be popular; rather you need to carry out exhaustive research to discover the top 5 phrases that online consumers are using. Try changing these at intervals and track the progress in real time and when you find the best performer, focus on this, or alternatively, outsource all SEO to an award-winning agency right here in Las Cruces and get the best roi. Click here for tips on website blogging.

Keyword Location & Frequency

It isn’t enough to choose the best keywords, you also have to place them in the right location, careful not to exceed in terms of volume (keyword stuffing is real). Obviously, your page title tag is one location to include, while H1 and H2 are also fertile locations for keyword tags; header data is more looked at than regular text and let’s face it, Google needs all the help it can get regarding your website.

Time is an Element

SEO work does not produce fruit straight away; Google sends out millions of bots that trawl the web and their data is added to the database. To take a website from page 23 to page 1 of Google search results might take 6-12 months, as changes may take up to a week to be recorded and when you finally do make the first 10 search results, it needs ongoing SEO to retain that top ranking. Digital marketing is essential for every business and it is the key to sustainable growth.