The Importance Of Having Hobbies As A College Student

If you are a college student, your life may feel ruled by rules, assignments, and deadlines. The thought of a hobby has long come and gone. Lately, it doesn’t even cross your mind!

Hobbies help you grow as a person, to discover, and rediscover things that you like and, of course, don’t like. It is essential for you to make time for your hobby and find something uniquely your own – and once you start, you will realize that hobbies are an integral part of who you are, as an individual and even a partner one day. But personal growth and discovery isn’t the only part of what is good about a hobby. Read on to learn more! 

college student hobbies

The 4 Main Benefits of Having a Hobby:

  1. It Allows You To De-stress:

Yes, college life is fun and all, but once you have spent years focusing on nothing but work and achieving the best grades, you can feel burnt out, overwhelmed with stress and anxiety. A cheap essay writers service can bring you a tremendous amount of stress relief, but it will only get you that far. Crafts and puzzles can allow you to de-stress and help with skill development – yes, this is helpful even if you are studying for a Ph.D.

  1. It Increases Your Confidence:

A young adult is known for having low self-esteem. It’s part of life and something that everyone goes through. When you find a hobby, and you perfect your skill, it helps boost your confidence because you can see that you are great at something. Not only can you tell others about the hobby you are skilled in, but the journey of discovering and achieving greatness in this hobby is exceptionally confidence-boosting. Once you have discovered and perfected a skill, you will even find yourself challenging new hobbies and finding more things you are great at.

  1. Socialization:

An essential part of human existence and growth is socialization – being cooped up in a door room with a mountain of books and papers in front of you can be isolating. A once chatty student can turn into an introvert, which may even severely affect your mental health! Socializing will help you gain new friends, get out, and see new people. You may find people who share the same interest as you and those with whom you can share hobbies and discover new ones.

  1. Creating a Different World View:

Let’s be honest. The world isn’t the four walls a college student sees daily. When you gain new hobbies, you open yourself up to see new things. You never really know where your hobby will take you, and depending on what you have chosen for a hobby, it can take you to see some pretty extravagant things. You may even view what different cultures, races, and age groups do for hobbies and gain new ideas from them.


Hobbies are an essential part of growth, no matter your age or current situation. However, when you are in college and have a developing brain, overusing it and being cooped up with nothing you genuinely enjoy can be damaging. If you find a hobby for yourself, you may even see your grades improve. Getting a hobby will not only boost your self-confidence but, if you are struggling with your mental health, it will offer you a form of release. Do not misjudge the word “Hobby”. It is often seen as childish but is an essential part of you and your growth as a young adult.

BIO: Melony Hart

Melony was once a college student who felt trapped by the four walls of her dorm room. When she finally finished her literature degree, she decided to study why hobbies are vital to the college student and what she could have done to improve her mental health. Today she is a happy adult who loves setting challenges at work and exploring new hobbies at home.