Accelerating Time-to-Market: The Impact of Offshore Software Development

Time-to-market (TTM) is the duration between developing a product idea and launching it for users. The faster it is, the more advantage a company can get over their competitors. 

But here comes a question: How to speed up time-to-market to earn this competitive edge? Offshore development services must be what you are looking for. 

These services can bring cost efficiency and give you access to global expertise. Thus, they can enable rapid time-to-market. Let’s check this article to dig into the details! 

What is Offshore Software Development?

Offshore software development is when a business delegates their software development projects to a team in a foreign country. This approach allows them to tap into a broader spectrum of software developers. 

For example, a US-based company wants to develop a mobile app. So, they engage an app development team in Vietnam for offshore development services

There are many benefits from this partnership. First, the US company can save costs on developing the app because the labor cost in Vietnam is lower. 

Moreover, they can take advantage of Vietnamese talents to build their app. The Vietnamese government aims to build a robust talent pool of 1.3 million IT experts by 2025. 

Many Vietnamese software development companies now also have extensive experience in various industries. Hence, this country is an ideal destination for offshore development solutions. 

Accelerating Time-to-Market: The Impact of Offshore Software Development

Speed is everything in business. If you take too much time on the development process, your product can’t be released soon. Then, other companies will dominate the market before you get there. 

There are many ways to accelerate time-to-market. Hiring offshore software development companies is among the best solutions. Let’s see how it helps!

Access to a broad talent pool 

In software development, finding the right experts can be tough, especially in the US. More jobs are opening up, so local developers can charge you a lot for their work. In this case, offshore software development may be a better choice. 

Offshore development companies act as a bridge. They connect you to a global group of talent. Hence, you can find experts with specific skills for your needs, such as AI or cloud migration. 

Choosing offshore development services gives you access to more skilled people. Thus, it helps get your projects done faster, accelerating time-to-market. 

Quick team setup 

Time is money in software development. Besides the cost benefits, offshore development gains an edge due to its speedy team setup. 

If you intend to build your in-house development team, you have to invest budget, time, and effort in hiring and training them. Meanwhile, offshore teams can leap into action instantly. 

Once you choose the offshore development company, the team is formed. They start to work on the projects immediately. So you can expect a shorter time-to-market. 

Continuous development

In the fast-paced software industry, every minute counts. To bring out the best of your project, offshore software development introduces an interesting concept: continuous development. This approach highlights the round-the-clock process. 

For example, when a US company is asleep, their software development partner in Asia starts to work. The time zone difference is now a strategic asset. It means the development process can keep working nearly 24/7. 

Working with a company in a different country can be difficult because of the time zone and language barrier. However, you can always turn these cons into pros. 

Working in different time zones can optimize efficiency. Ultimately, it can accelerate your journey to market success. 

Automated process

Offshore development can speed up the software development process by creating a solid base for development. It also uses automation at every turn. 

The streamlined development approach has two big benefits from start to testing. First, it reduces time-to-market. Your company outweighs competitors because users know your products first. 

Second, the teams can automate many complicated tasks like QA testing, design, and coding. They also fix issues quickly. Hence, they ensure top-notch products that users will love.


Imagine your software company has in-house developers. But you need more hands on deck when the software enters the testing phase. Plus, as your product develops, you require extra developers for support and maintenance. This is where offshore software development services shine. 

Offshore developers offer unmatched adaptability. You can seamlessly adjust your development team size. Whether you need a small or big team, offshore development can scale effortlessly. 

This scalability is a boost that gets your software into the market quicker. You can also save costs on developing software. 

Reduced developer burnout

Too much work can make software developers tired and even stressed. This problem can affect their productivity and increase time-to-market. 

You need to understand the pressure on your software teams. Then, learn how to make them feel better. 

Now, offshore development services are stepping in. They share the work to make the whole team perform better. Once they can balance the workload, they can make your software reach the market faster. 

Final Thoughts

Offshore software development helps you access a diverse talent pool and work with continuous development. This way, you can speed up the whole development process. Ultimately, you can launch your product faster. 

For an experienced partner in this journey, consider Saigon Technology. After over ten years of working in offshore software development services, we can transform your ideas into reality quickly and efficiently. 

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