The Future of Design and Marketing: Trends to Watch for College Students


If you are in college, you might still be trying to decide what career to pursue. There are many exciting and financially rewarding options, but those that involve design and marketing are among the best. However, these niches can be very competitive, and to stay relevant, you need to be able to spot trends early and adjust to them. Even though you might still be in college, you can still take a personal interest by watching the five trends in this article.

5 Design And Marketing Trends College Students Should Be Interested In

If you want a career in design and marketing, a college degree will be helpful. A common requirement for most schools is an application essay, so consider reading these college essay samples to understand good writing skills better. Another thing to consider is ensuring you have a passion for continuous learning. This is because trends come and go, but to stay relevant; you must identify trends on time and understand which ones to prioritize. So, to help you with this, here are five design and marketing trends to look out for:

  • The Impact Of Social Media
  • Marketing Focus On Younger Generations
  • The Human Touch To Branding Content
  • Dynamic Web Pages
  • Better User-Friendly Applications

1.    The Impact Of Social Media

Social media applications are often used as platforms for marketing ads. A single post on Facebook can reach a vast audience, so many teams are taking steps toward understanding and utilizing social media for their benefit. Through translation and localization services, you can make your content more relevant and accessible to people worldwide. As a college student interested in marketing, you should not only use social media but also start experimenting with what makes content trendy, as this skill is currently being highly sought after.

2.    Marketing Focus On Younger Generations

Businesses understand that securing the loyalty of the younger generation can now lead to profits for many years to come. However, this will require suitable knowledge of what is relevant and important to students. As a student, this is something you can research by yourself through surveys and interacting with classmates.

3.    The Human Touch To Branding Content

Customers are moving away from abstract and dull advertising to more authentic-feeling ones. Companies have noted they are more likely to build a deeper bond with their customers by giving them what they can relate to. Humor and vulnerability are some of the ways businesses are creating content that is more valued. If you don’t have that creative side, consider visiting any of the best essay websites to get a writer. All reviews on this webpage are unbiased and will save you money and time when looking for a creative and affordable writer to handle your content branding.

4.    Dynamic Web Pages

Brands are creating more dynamic websites that provide content according to the user’s device, setting, and location. This has helped improve the user experience for many people and is quickly becoming a trend in the design and marketing industry. If you’re learning web development, you will want to make this a skill to have.

5.    Better User-Friendly Applications

As the world has gotten more technologically inclined, ease and straightforwardness have become the mottos for many design choices. Mobile apps today are more accessible and offer services that quickly onboard users to utilize the application fully. Graphics are also more compatible with dark mode, as many people use their devices in dimmed or dark mode to reduce eye strain. Apple and Facebook are just two of many companies that have taken this approach for their applications.


Key Takeaways

Being a college student is a great time to start learning the future of design and marketing. This involves keeping a keen eye on the trends discussed in this article. You should use these latest developments to align your better professional goals with the reality of the industry.

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