The Dos and Don’ts of Getting More Facebook Page Likes

Social media has become an essential platform that creates space for businesses or brands to connect with their target audience in today’s digital era. Almost everyone, from children to youngsters to older people, uses Facebook. It is among the famous social media platforms. However, one of the key metrics to focus on for Facebook’s success is page likes. More page likes can increase engagement, traffic, and sales. In this article, we’ll look at the dos and don’ts to get more Facebook page likes to help you build a strong and engaged Facebook community for your business.

Dos and Don’ts of Getting More Facebook Page Like

To understand what one should do and what not to get more Facebook page likes, read this highly informative article until the end. You will get to know how Facebook’s algorithms work on different pages. Some include hit and trial methods that may or may not apply to your page.


Firstly we must talk about the positive aspects that one should do to get more Facebook page likes.

  • Create a complete and compelling profile

The Facebook page representing your company or any brand must include all the information about you. It can include your bio, logo, profile picture, cover picture, contact details, WhatsApp number, messenger, type of service, type of product, companies or clients you have already dealt with, or your significant clients. All the points mentioned above must relate to your brand and be compelling.

  • Use high-quality visuals

The posts containing photos and videos must be of high quality, as this can make you stand out from your competitors. High-quality visuals usually gain more attention from your audience, making it a remarkable point to use the latest and quality marketing strategy. The visuals must constantly relate to your company or the product you are dealing with. These good-quality posts will increase engagement and thereby help to get more Facebook page likes.

  • Share user-generated content

The content you are posting on Facebook must be user generated. User-generated content differs from software-generated content.

User-generated content develops in a community sense around your brand by allowing your followers to connect and share their experiences with you. Always obtain permission from the creators before sharing their work and credit them for their contributions.

  • Add a Facebook Page Like button to your website

Adding a like button to your website can quickly get more Facebook page likes. This way, your website audience can interact with you on Facebook by clicking the added button directly. It is a fantastic tool or extension which every user must use. If they feel satisfied with the information, the audience reading published blogs can click the like button by reviewing your article.

  • Leverage Facebook Live

You can use the Facebook live feature by engaging with your audience live. People who have trusted and followed you on social media love to have a live session with them. Suppose you become active in having live sessions that include questions and answers, live answers to the people, and showing your behind-the-scenes work.

  • Run contests and giveaways

The contests and giveaways have increased tremendously during the COVID times. The primary purpose of running these was to get more Facebook page likes or follows or comments or shares, or anything which increases the page’s engagement. The page’s owner offers the product and services of their company or brand by providing them in exchange for providing new organic reach and engagement. You can also take the help of to generate better engagement on your Facebook posts. You can also get more Facebook page likes through BuyQualityLikes. Here you just need to choose the plan and pay accordingly. The Facebook Reels likes and story likes delivered by them are real and lead to engagement on the page. Just share the page link with them, and you are good to go. The likes will shower with ease if you take their services.

  • Analyze your performance

You must not blindly just post the content on your Facebook page. After posting two to three posts, you must analyze your performance, what type of posts and videos your audience loves to watch, and even what kind of videos they want you to make. You’ll get to know your real position in the online presence by analyzing. You can improve slowly by taking steps, and there will come a time when you’ll be included in one of the top leading brands.

  • Offer exclusive content

All the social media platforms, including Facebook, have implemented new ways to offer exclusive content to get more Facebook page likes. This exclusive content included discounts or freebies to your followers in exchange for some promotional methods of their page. Offering discounts also significantly attracts consumers to sell their products and hire services. For this, you must first create a strong Facebook profile that people die to be a part of.

  • Participate in relevant groups

Having public and open public pages can be considered a good point in promoting your company. Here the same niche-related people join, making it easy for customers to hire the people they are looking for just by joining those pages and getting regular updates.


After having a detailed study of what one should do, we must have the negative impacts that can be done if you process the below-mentioned points.

  • Overuse hashtags

Hashtags are vital in providing reach to your posts, but remember that excess of anything is a boon. The same goes here. There is a strategy for using hashtags to give you an organic reach. You must use up to 30 hashtags in a post, which differ in the number of posts it contains. You must use ten hashtags for the high post, a slightly lower than 10 for the next ten posts and the last ten must have the least hashtags. Providing a quick tip- you must create a hashtag for your brand or company.

  • Ignore negative comments

A huge mistake almost all Facebook users make is paying attention to negative comments. Even they take them to their heart and start feeling demotivated for not doing the things mentioned in the comments about them. Facebook has changed its algorithm on this. If you are not wrong, you must reply to them and question them about the source and proof of defaming that person. It will create a positive impact on the page and thus increase engagement and can get more Facebook page likes.

  • Spam your audience

Sending messages to someone constantly or posting content excessively can create an impact of spamming on Facebook. This practice is beyond the Facebook algorithm. If you want to grow your page regularly, post a single post using captions and hashtags.

  • Don’t use clickbait

It means you must not write a blog description that does not relate to your content. Some users write an attractive and appealing heading making the user click on the link which does not relate to its page and the kind of post they are doing. It will take the follower’s trust down. Your past goodwill and reputation will be adversely affected, thereby losing the number of followers on your Facebook page.

  • Avoid posting controversial content

The content which might be controversial for the audience must be avoided. It can create a sense of hate or raise judgmental thoughts among your Facebook audience. So stop posting those posts that can offend your family on Facebook. You can post about providing their viewpoint without sharing yours for that topic. It will increase comments and, thereby, engagement on the sensitive matter going on in the present.

Back to you

By following the above dos and don’ts, you can successfully create a strong page following the latest algorithms on which Facebook works. Getting more Facebook likes is vital in increasing your page’s growth, so you must understand that carefully. Referring to the above points can just blow your mind, and you’ll be able to know at what point your page was lacking behind. Start focusing more on those points, and then you can easily see that your Facebook is providing more organic reach and Facebook ads reach.

The tips mentioned above and tricks are based on the latest trends on which Facebook is working. If you are new or a regular user of Facebook, you must know about all of the above. The article also mentions one quick tip, which can help to create your brand stand out differently. Find that and make one of it.