The Benefits of IT Recruitment in Poland: Why It’s Worth Your Attention

If you want to hire IT professionals, turn your eyes to Poland. This country can boast an extensive pool of talents, many of whom have already worked for foreign and international employers. If you don’t know how to organize the search process, an IT recruitment agency in Poland will help you find and filter the top candidates. In this article, we’ll explain what’s so special about this country from the position of a tech employer.

Reasons to Hire and Outsource Tech Professionals from Poland

The reasons that we’ll list below should be relevant to employers from any niche and of any size. It doesn’t matter whether you represent a startup or a global corporation.

Affordable Costs

The cost of living in Eastern Europe is lower than in the Western states. A skilled and qualified IT professional from this country can be happy with a salary that is twice as low as what their US colleagues earn. It’s the primary reason why so many foreign employers want to outsource tech talents from Poland.

High Potential of the IT Sector

The Polish IT sector in one of the fastest-developing in Europe. It accounts for approximately 8% of the national GDP. Google, Microsoft, Intel, IBM and many other world-famous tech businesses have branches here. Over the last three decades, the USA has invested 38,3 billion PLN in Poland.

Large Talent Pool

Roughly 400,000 IT specialists live and work in this country. According to StackOverflow, local teenagers try their hand at coding when they’re 15 years old, on average. In India and Brazil, which can compare to Poland in their economic development, teens get attracted to coding at the age of 17, on average. In the HackerRank rating focused on the ratio of the number of young programmers 5-10 to senior IT pros, Poland occupies the fourth position in the world.

Tech Skills

According to HackerRank, Poland occupies the third position in the list of countries, based on the strength of their populations’ tech skills. That’s impressive, provided that Poland is much smaller than the two leaders of the list, China and Russia. It won’t be a problem for you to find employees or contractors with any necessary skills and experience level.

Great Education

Here are a few numbers that should impress you:

  • Each year, around 15,000 students get degrees in IT and communication technologies from Polish higher education establishments
  • Nearly 80,000 individuals annually receive education to later work as software engineers
  • Over 500 units provide education in the software development niche in this country

Apart from profile tech faculties, many graduates with degrees in maths, physics or statistics ultimately join the IT sector.

IT students from this country achieve great results in international coding competitions.

In addition to universities, the residents of Poland actively study online. They join bootcamps, watch free YouTube tutorials and compose solid portfolios of projects.

Fluent English

The most authoritative ranking of countries by English skills is EF EPI. Poland is one of around a dozen states that EF EPI characterizes as “very high proficiency”. Most local IT specialists speak fluent English. The fact of joining an international team becomes an important career milestone for them. They’re proud of it and they gladly use English for their daily communication.

No Cultural Gap

Poland is a part of Europe. Locals think and act like Western people. It’s easy for them to understand the demands and habits of their Western employees. Many managers find it easier to work with team members who belong to their culture. IT specialists from China, India and the rest of the world might have a slightly different mindset.

Polish professionals are renowned for their flexibility. They quickly adapt to the requirements of their employers. They don’t mind working extra hours if the company pays a bit extra to them.

Readiness to Work Remotely

According to opinion polls, only a few percent of the Polish IT workforce prefer to visit a brick-and-mortar office every day. Over 90% would love to stick to the remote or hybrid working model. They will be only happy to consider offers from foreign employers.

Excellent Location

Some companies want their remote team members to attend offline meetings a few times per year. These can be networking events, important negotiations or profile conferences. Besides, the top management of the organization might need to visit every foreign branch in person. It’s very convenient to fly to Poland from any part of the planet.

Time zones matter as well. If you’re from Eastern Europe, you’ll be able to schedule calls and video conferences with your Polish team members during your casual working hours.

Dozens of Dedicated Recruitment Agencies on the Market

Foreign employers don’t need to search for candidates themselves. Instead, they can contact a profile recruitment agency. The latter has a large database of tech talents from Poland and should be able to offer some candidates almost immediately. If the agency has to look for professionals outside its database, its staff will know very well which platforms and tools to use. This type of service is highly popular among foreign companies because it enables them to save funds and time.

In Which Cases You Should Consider IT Recruitment from Poland

Employers should reach out to Polish IT recruitment agencies if the former tick at least one of these boxes:

  • Are a startup that lacks an HR department.
  • Need to find staff urgently.
  • Don’t want to spend too much money on placing job ads, setting up a premium account on LinkedIn and using other recruitment tools and techniques.
  • Fail to understand the specifics of the Polish labor market.
  • Represent a small business whose brand remains unfamiliar to Polish residents. Locals might be not sure of whether they should trust an unknown company.
  • Tried to find candidates without third-party help but failed. An agency can help you look at your issue from a fresh angle — for instance, reformulate your offer with different words so that it better corresponds to the traditions of the local labor market.
  • Are afraid that the candidates might quit their new job in a few weeks. Agencies prevent such situations by giving guarantees to their clients. If the newly hired specialist leaves too soon, the agency will replace them with a new employee without charging the client extra.

Find the agency that produces the best impression on you and contact it!