The 5 Most Innovative Web Design Trends for 2022

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The first thing people see when they come to your website is what it looks like. Is it interesting and unique? Is it intuitive? They’ll judge your business within seconds, which means you have a very short window of opportunity here.

The best San Francisco web design companies know this, so they put a lot of effort into creating websites that provide a great user experience. Now, what better way to do that than by implementing the most innovative web design trends?

Keep on reading to find out which are the top 5 trends to follow in 2022.

  1. Abstract illustrations

While clean vector graphics and cute illustrations have ruled web design for a few years now, it’s time for that to change. People are becoming fonder of abstract illustrations that have been drawn by a human hand. 

A skilled web designer will either draw the illustration on a piece of paper and then scan it, or use illustration software. 

Now, these illustrations don’t have to be simple and minimalistic. You can incorporate various textures and natural irregularities like ink, watercolor, paint, or silkscreen effects. You can even make some lines thinner than others to mimic what they would look like using graphite or ink.

  1. One-page websites

A one-page website has only one page (obviously) that incorporates all of the website’s content, typically using a long-scrolling layout.

If you’re a small business owner that is just starting to do business and you don’t have a lot of information to share online, a one-page website is the best option for you. They are great for artists and photographers, as they can include their portfolio in a very creative way, as well as some basic information about their business.

Remember, a good website doesn’t have to be complex. In fact, people love simplicity because these kinds of websites are usually easy to navigate.

The downside of this kind of design is that they’re limiting when it comes to keyword targetting. Since they’re built around one main concept, it’s hard to rank for a wide variety of keywords. But, if you don’t need Google to reach your target audience, a one-page website design is great.

  1. Large and interactive typography

Unusual typography has been around for quite a while. This year, one of the most innovative web design trends is oversized and interactive typography. This kind of typography is more than just a part of copy – it’s a graphic element like any other. 

You can, for instance, overlay large text onto a film portfolio reel to spice the viewer’s interest in the film. Oversized typography is also great if you want to create a sophisticated, minimalist design. 

You can also use different techniques to make parts of the text interactive. For instance, try to apply a hover-state change, similar to what you would do with a button. The good thing is that these effects are available in website builders, so they don’t have to be created from scratch.

Of course, pay attention to the text’s legibility. Too many effects can be distracting and even bothersome.

  1. Inclusive design

When designing a website, it’s important to know that not all users see it and experience it the same. The inclusive design by Contractor Website Design allows you to remove bias and assumptions and ensure no user feels excluded.

Now, there is no universal recipe for this, but here are a couple of things you can do to make your website a bit more inclusive:

  • Include a transcript of a video. This way, those that are hard of hearing or visually impaired can also understand the content.
  • Use mixed content. If you only include images on your website, those that aren’t visual learners won’t benefit from it. Try to include different types of content, such as text and videos.
  • Put up diverse imagery. Instead of opting for stock imagery, use some diverse real-life photos on your website to make everyone feel truly welcome.
  1. Creative scrolling

Scrolling isn’t exactly something revolutionary and new nowadays. The key is to create something so unique that it will surprise the users when they visit your website.

You can try using parallax scrolling or some kind of psychedelic imagery to draw the user’s attention. Many web designers have interesting ideas when it comes to horizontal scrolls as well. It works well for portfolio and catalog websites, interactive maps, and online galleries.


As you can see, there are many different and creative ideas you can leverage for website design in 2022. But, don’t forget that the most important element of web design is the content.

No matter how creative your website is, it’s not going to make up for the fact that the content is of poor quality. They don’t say content is king for nothing, right?