Enjoying the Manhwa Series “That Which Flows By”

The novel follows the adventures of a young man named River who possesses a unique ability – he can control the flow of water—living in a village near a great river, River dreams of exploring the vast lands beyond. However, he is told that travelling too far from home is forbidden. River realises he must venture out to investigate when strange things start happening in the river. 

Readers are drawn into River’s journey from the very first page. The vivid descriptions of the beautiful yet dangerous river make it feel like an important character itself. Around every bend could be mystery or magic. 

This article is a comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know about TWFBy, including story, characters, themes, where to read it online, and more. By the end, readers will be eager to dive into the novel’s thrilling world for themselves. Let’s look at what makes This Which Flows By a story worth being swept away.

Story Overview of That Which Flows By

That Which Flows By is happening in a fictional universe where people have magic powers. Yeon, a young water Mage, gets into the Gilde, a guild for the wizards whose aim is to specialise.

In the guild, Yun and Liselotte, a very impulsive girl with offensive fire magic, and Jukilia, a calm earth mage who can make the ground move, are Yeon’s partners. They do this mission in a company setting, helping townspeople using their abilities—elemental magic, which is their ability.

Yeon is an a-type person, loving and courageous, who inflicts damage on the enemy with his water magic. While the trio is new, they go through ups and downs with their friendship amidst new encounters of good and evil.

The central theme in That Which Flows By is the boundaries between human beings and nature. In one of the scenes, nature (humans) is depicted as being disrupted by the dams. However, nature is more robust and overcomes such barriers despite that. On top of that, it’s the story that studies what friendship is and how having power can affect a person’s capability to be responsible.

That Which Flows By offers an exciting fantasy story about magic, adventure and morality through its great characters and beautiful artwork. Fans of the genre will no doubt be in the process of riding Yeon as she follows the adventures alongside friends in the magical universe.

Character Analysis

Jeon is the Joseon princess who can control the meeting and parting of energy. Initially, she fights to maintain control over her magic, and she is troubled by low self-esteem and doubtfulness regarding her skills. In time, as the Gilde takes her in and embarks on adventures with her companions, Yeon gains the knowledge that will help her understand and master her powers. She also finds out that she has her own strength and leadership qualities. By the end, Yeon has become a feared magic user and an intelligent leader whose powers of leadership are always in check.

Lyse is a spellcaster who can manage flammable spells. On the other hand, he uses sorcery defensively to protect himself and his friends during the fight. At first, he was brash, but in the end, he was brave, loyal, and loving towards his friends. His connection to Yeon, in particular, starts from rivalry and gradually becomes a friendship and, finally, admiration. Instead of using his powers for reckless activities, Lysesharte becomes an expert in channelling his powers precisely, wherein he becomes a powerful yet disciplined wizard.

Zooey is an earth mage with magic in rock and soil manipulation. She is bold at the end, which is an excellent demonstration of her preferring to attack rather than defend. Nevertheless, Zooey mustered courage as she combatted Yeon and Lysesharte. She also figures out that even her magic can be an offensive tool. Zooey becomes the chief bodyguard and vital group member, protecting her friends with her traps and ways and finally learning to like her role.

Where to Read Online

Webtoon: As the original publisher of TWFBy, Webtoon is an excellent option. It has the fastest updates right after the Korean release. The Webtoon app allows for a smooth reading experience across devices.

Mangakakalot: This site hosts an extensive collection of manhwa, including TWFBy. Chapters are often added within days of release. The site is easy to navigate, and ads don’t disrupt reading.

Mangasee123: Like Mangakakalot, Mangasee123 has the most TWFBy chapters available. It offers a clean interface without intrusive pop-ups. The site also allows downloading chapters for offline reading.

KissManga: An established manga/manhwa site, KissManga is reliable for updated TWFBy chapters. Some minor downsides include a busy homepage and average image quality compared to dedicated apps.

So, Webtoon is ideal for an authentic experience. Mangakakalot and Mangasee123 provide convenient options for desktop/mobile reading. KissManga is also usable, though not as optimized. All sites allow fans worldwide to bond over enjoying TWFBy online!

Popularity and Reviews

It Flows By is a great international favourite among readers all over the world because it has a great story and looks great. The pictures literally take readers into the beautiful dream world. After its debut on Naver Webtoon in 2019, the webtoon had fans from more than 100 countries, and the number of views per show grew at a very fast rate, reaching millions very quickly.

The readers appreciate its likeable characters, such as Yeon, who struggles to manage her identified magic powers but is determined to support others. Her ride to knowledge, understanding, and unity with Lysesharte and Zooey has a global influence. The viewers also emphasised the webtoon’s study of the relationship between humans and nature and the selflessness devoted to loved ones.

The webtoon has gained positive reviews, including but not limited to some describing it as “seamlessly weaving themes altogether” and “its illustrations and storytelling that will make readers reach nirvana”. The captivating plot and emotionally moving flashbacks have caught readers’ attention to this day.

Because the theme of – “The Valley of The Wind” – is bravery, friendship, and moral dilemmas, this massively established manhwa’s unique art style worldwide among new audiences. Though it doesn’t reach the heights of its following, it continues to be one of Naver’s most popular original series, as each new episode sparks a wave of passionate fan discussions and theories.

Anticipated Season 2 

Fans of the popular manhwa That Which Flows By have been eagerly anticipating the release of season 2 since the conclusion of the gripping first season. As the story left many plot lines unfinished and character arcs unresolved, demand from the passionate fanbase has grown increasingly intense. 

Based on production timelines of previous seasons, season 2 could debut in late 2023 or early 2024. However, delays from the pandemic may influence the schedule. Animators will also require sufficient source material from the ongoing manga to adapt for the new season. 

Now that the manga has had time to progress since season 1, there are likely enough chapters available for adaptation. In the coming months, fans hope to receive confirmation and first glimpses of what’s in store. Promotional activities may hint at the story’s direction and keep the excitement high.

Overall, the first season left viewers deeply invested in the compelling world and wanting to see where the character journeys lead next. If given similar pacing to prior instalments, season 2 of That Which Flows By could enchant audiences again with more magical storytelling by late next year. But only an official announcement will confirm the precise release window.

FAQs – That Which Flows By

What is the story about?

The story follows Yeon, a young water mage who joins a guild to hone his skills. He teams up with fire and earth mages to help townspeople and battle threats using elemental magic.

What are the main characters?

Yeon has water magic and helps others. Fire mage Lisesharte is feisty with offensive fire. Earth mage Jueki is calm and traps foes with his magic, manipulating the ground.

Where can I read it?

You can read the manhwa online on sites like Webtoon, Mangakakalot, and KissManga, where all chapters are available. New chapters are added regularly.

When is season 2 released?

Fans eagerly await season 2, but an official release date has yet to be announced. It could be mid-2022 if the same schedule as season 1 is followed, but the pandemic may cause delays.


In a nutshell, the objective of this story guide was to offer you a detailed idea of the comic “That Which Flows By” and why it is so popular with people worldwide. The stunning synchronization of Park Eun-young’s complex narration with stunning artwork has left fans in an immersive fantasy world.

Readers were spurred on by the thoughts and interactions with Lysesharte or Zooey to follow the path of self-discovery in overcoming their issues. The study of the human relationship with nature is another theme that has profoundly impacted the community.

If you have not gotten the chance to join Yeon and her comrades in the adventure yet, I am confident it will compel you to do so and plunge into the mystical realm of That Which Flows By. Whether through the stunning artwork or the soul-moving plot, you will immediately fall under the hypnotic spell on the first page of this magical book. Remember to follow the last chapters on Naver Webtoon and other platforms so you will always get everything.