Tanzohub – A Powerful Project Management Platform

Have you ever been overburdened by the numerous assignments and projects your group is working on? Juggling deadlines, tracking time spent, and ensuring everyone is on the same page is no easy feat. This is where Tanzohub comes in. Tanzohub is a powerful yet easy-to-use project management platform that helps you organize all your work in one place.

In this guide, we’ll deeply dive into everything Tanzohub offers busy teams like yours. We’ll go over its best features for invoicing, job delegation, time tracking, and reporting. We’ll also look at how you can use Tanzohub for project management, collaboration and more. Plus, we’ll cover Tanzohub’s impressive integrations and learn how to sign up. Our goal is simple – by the end, you’ll clearly understand how Tanzohub works and how it can help take the stress out of managing projects. Let’s get started!

What is Tanzohub?

Tanzohub is a powerful yet easy-to-use platform designed specifically for project teams. At its core, Tanzohub is a project management and collaboration tool that brings all your work into one organized digital space.

Within Tanzohub, you can create projects and break them into individual tasks. Then, tasks can be delegated to particular team members. Due dates, priorities and task statuses can all be tracked so nothing slips through the cracks. Plus, you can comment on tasks, upload files, set reminders and see how long everyone has worked towards completion.

Timekeeping features automatically capture the hours logged on each task and project. This data feeds into detailed billing reports so you can easily invoice clients. Reports also show project budgets, costs, revenue and profitability over time. Tanzohub takes the hassle out of project planning, communication and financial oversight so you can focus on executing meaningful work.

Tanzohub Features

Here are some of Tanzohub’s core project management features: 

Task Management

  • Easily create, prioritize and filter tasks to break down projects
  • Use customizable statuses like To Do, In Progress and Completed to track tasks
  • Assign sub-tasks to break large tasks into smaller actions
  • Tag team members in tasks to delegate work and maintain accountability
  • Add due dates, comments, and file attachments to each task

Time Tracking

  • Record time spent on tasks and projects down to the minute with stopwatches
  • View time breakdowns and export reports to invoice clients easily
  • Track hours by client, project, team member or custom views


  • Generate compelling visual reports on budgets, timelines and more
  • Analyze resource allocation, workload capacity and client performance
  • Create branded, customizable and shareable reports


  • Discuss tasks via in-app comments or integrate with Slack for remote teams
  • Turn private messages into functions with the click of a button for follow-up
  • Review task progress and provide real-time feedback

By focusing on intuitive yet powerful features and highlighting specific collaborative use cases, this overview gives clients a clear sense of how Tanzohub streamlines project work. Let me know if you need any part expanded further.

Benefits of Using Tanzohub

Tanzohub provides numerous advantages for both freelancers and agencies managing diverse project workflows. For one, it dramatically improves team productivity. With tasks, time tracking and messaging all centralized, more time is spent switching between disparate tools. One user reported a 30% boost in their team’s efficiency after switching to Tanzohub.

Data security is another key benefit. As a trusted platform designed exclusively for creative work, Tanzohub ensures sensitive client and company information stays safe using bank-level encryption. This gave one design studio the confidence to collaborate with remote international teams securely.

Cost savings is another notable upside. Tanzohub’s all-inclusive rates beat the total costs of standalone apps when your team grows beyond a couple of people. A marketing agency found they recouped their subscription fees after just 6 months by simplifying billing.

Using real scenarios highlights the compelling ROI organizations experience with Tanzohub.

Getting Work Done Together with Tanzohub

Regarding remote collaboration, having the right tools makes all the difference. As a creative agency, our teams juggle multiple projects simultaneously while working across different time zones. We needed a smooth way to coordinate tasks, share files, and communicate in real time without losing focus or dropping the ball on deadlines.

Tanzohub can help with that. Our operations have been more efficient, and our teamwork has increased because of this all-in-one workplace. The following are some of the primary applications for which we have found it to be excellent:

Project Management Done Right

The Kanban-style boards in Tanzohub make scoping out projects and tracking progress a breeze. We create cards for each task and drag them between columns like “To Do,” “In Progress,” and “Done” as work moves along. This high-level overview keeps everyone aligned on statuses.

Team members can also assign due dates, comment on items, and @mention teammates right on the cards. The notifications keep us accountable for staying on schedule. We especially like how we can customize boards and view filters for different workflows.

Seamless File Sharing

Files constantly fly back and forth when you’re working on creative projects. Tanzohub’s file explorer lets us upload, organize, and share assets effortlessly in one central place. Whether we send raw photos or a final design mockup, my colleagues get easy access through neatly organized folders.

The preview features make it simple to review CVs, give feedback on written work, or collaborate on documents simultaneously. No more struggling with massive email threads or hunting across cloud drives. All our assets are together where we need them.

Around-the-Clock Communication

Even though some of us work late and others start early, Tanzohub levels the playing field with around-the-clock messaging. Our team channel allows for open discussions throughout the day. It’s convenient for real-time brainstorming, polling each other on decisions, or jumping on a video call right from the chat interface when we need a quick pow-wow.

Getting Started with Tanzohub: A Step-by-Step Guide

Tanzohub makes team setup easy and takes only a few minutes. Below is a summary of the fundamental actions to get you started with this potent workspace:

  1. Sign Up: Go to tanzohub website and enter your email address. You’ll then get a link to set your password.
  2. Choose a Plan: Tanzohub has a generous free option perfect for trying out. If your team grows, their pricing will also be very affordable. Select the plan that’s right for your needs.
  3. Invite Colleagues: Click the “Invite Members” button and add your teammates via email. They will get an invitation to set up their own Tanzohub profiles.
  4. Create Your First Workspace: This is like a project folder – give it a name, then add boards and files inside. Make one for each client or main project.
  5. Customize Your Boards: Add columns, drag cards to the boards from templates, or set up automated workflows. Get your processes down, pat.
  6. Start a Conversation: Click on the “Messages” icon to open your team chat channel and immediately start collaborating in real time.
  7. Explore Integrations: Tanzohub lets you directly connect many helpful tools through their integration page like Google Drive, GitHub, Jira and more.

Within just a few minutes of setup, your team will be ready to manage projects, share files, and communicate in a streamlined way. The interface is intuitive, so you won’t need to learn the ropes for long. Feel free to experiment and find creative ways Tanzohub enhances your workflows.

Tanzohub Integrations

Tanzohub seamlessly connects to many popular apps through powerful integrations. You can directly link your Tanzohub files, boards and messages to services like Google Drive, Dropbox, GitHub and Asana to easily access critical files and pull in external data.

The Zapier integration allows you to automatically trigger zaps between Tanzohub and 1000+ other apps for syncing or automating tasks. For example, you can set a zap to create new cards on your Jira board each time a file is uploaded to Dropbox.

Developers can also take connectivity a step further through APIs for app building. Tanzohub exposes a RESTful API allowing you to access workspaces and resources programmatically. You can even post comments and create reactions to cards. Webhooks lets you build bidirectional integrations and get notifications on events.

Together, these integrations transform Tanzohub into an operations hub that supercharges your productivity, whether working inside or connecting external services and tools.

Tanzohub Pricing

You want to use Tanzohub but are still determining which price plan is best for you. Let’s examine each of the choices:

Tanzohub has a big free trial, which is fantastic news because it allows you to try the platform before committing. You may use the trial to fully access the fundamental features without needing a payment card. This is a fantastic method for learning about Tanzohub’s functionality.

You can choose between the Startup and Growth paying plans when the trial expires.

A smaller project is best started or worked on with the Startup strategy. You can receive 1GB of storage and support for up to 5 people for $19 monthly. This takes care of the necessities for an individual or small business.

Consider the $49/month expansion plan if your demands are more complex. You receive priority email support, up to 15 users can be supported, and 5GB of storage. More flexibility is available as your project grows, thanks to this.

Tanzohub is quite competitively priced, especially at the Growth level, compared to similar tools. Certain substitutes may demand three times or more for a comparable feature set.

We generally advise utilizing Tanzohub’s free trial to determine whether it suits your workflow. The Startup plan is the greatest value after the trial period unless you have very simple needs. And if your goals are higher, Growth is a wise investment. With Tanzohub, you may expand without going over budget, thanks to their affordable prices.


Is a free trial available?

Yes, a large free trial is available on Tanzohub to try out all the main features without committing. You can use any credit card.

What sorts of Tanzohub projects can I manage?

Tanzohub offers the flexibility to manage tasks associated with client projects, software development, marketing campaigns, operations, etc.

Could I make my workstations more unique?

To best suit your team’s workflows, you may rearrange the sidebar widgets, change the status bar’s colour, and customize fields and forms.

Is the data stored securely?

Tanzohub uses extra security measures and bank-grade encryption to safeguard the confidentiality and security of your team’s data.


Teams can successfully plan, monitor, and complete projects using Tanzohub, a feature-rich collaborative work management software. Organizations of various sizes can effectively manage work and sustain team cohesiveness due to flexible procedures, tight third-party integrations, and adjustable perspectives. Because of its extensive free version and affordable membership tiers, it’s an excellent choice for agencies, larger enterprises, solopreneurs, and startups. Tanzohub provides an easy solution to streamline task management and foster better teamwork.

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