How to Make Work in Google Docs Better: Simple Tips in 2022

Google Docs is a text editor that stealthily sidesteps the MS Office suite at a turnaround. But even the familiar tool has chips that only content experts know about. Key Documents in Favorites You've probably noticed the asterisk next to the title. It's not done for beauty. Clicking on the icon will add the file to "Favorites". What's the upside? Documents under the asterisk go to your Google drive in the "Marked" folder. It's a handy way to put significant documents at your fingertips, making everything work as easy as a game library at CasinoChan. Of course, these documents won't disappear from public folders, either. Customizing Styles in Google Docs Do you have clear requirements for document layout? For example, the main text is 14 points in Times New Roman…
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