Does DigiByte Have a Future?

DGB is one of many promising altcoins on the global crypto market. But, does it have what it takes to stand out amongst well-established competitors? Even so, should you convert your BTC to DGB? Here’s an overview of DigiByte from the investor’s standpoint. Let’s learn more about the main features of this crypto, how it performs on the market, and what are experts’ predictions of its future price.  What Is DigiByte? Digibyte is an open-source blockchain network modeled after the Bitcoin blockchain. Digibyte inherited the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus mechanism from Bitcoin. However, this newest blockchain is faster and more versatile than its competitor’s one. It also has a higher transaction speed and throughput. Nowadays, Digibyte is a fully functional smart contract platform with an active development community. Its token (DGB)…
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