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Steps to Uninstall Avast Cleanup Tool from Windows 10

Avast  Cleanup tool is one of the best free cleanup software for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. The features of Avast Cleanup tool are given below:

There are many advanced features but for premium users only. Now, below are steps to uninstall the Avast Cleanup from the windows 10, 8, 8.1 safely.

Steps for Uninstall Avast Cleanup windows 10:

  1. Firstly, right click on the windows start button.
  2. Secondly, choose the Apps and features from the menu that has been opened.
  1. Now, after selecting the apps and features you will have to search for the Avast cleanup tool and then choose uninstall option.
  1. Now, it will ask for the user permission, the User account control Dialog box will display and then in that choose a yes to continue uninstallation of Avast Cleanup Tool.
  2. After that the Avast Cleanup Tool setup will appear where you will have to again choose the uninstall option and confirm the uninstallation by confirming with a Yes.
  1. Now, wait until the Avast Cleanup tool is removed from you PC which is indicated by the prompt to restart your computer. Finish the reboot of your pc.

Steps to uninstall Avast Cleanup tool in Windows 7 and 8:

Issues with Uninstall Avast Cleanup Tool for Windows

Method 1:

Method 2: Use Avast Cleanup Tool Uninstall Utility.

Method 3: Remove the Avast Cleanup Tool from App Data.

Method 4: Uninstall Avast Cleanup tool using registry editor

Steps to Uninstall Avast cleanup from Mac

  1. Firstly, open the Avast Security User interface by clicking on the Avast security icon on the menu bar and then when you open the Avast security then in the menu bar, select the applications.

Sometimes it may ask the user to enter their touch ID and password, so after entering click on ok to continue uninstallation of Avast antivirus in MAC. Most importantly, at the end there will be a pop-up message dialog box of Uninstallation complete where you will have to choose quit to complete the uninstallation. These are steps to uninstall the Avast Cleanup tool from Windows 10, 8 , 8.1, 7 and MAC operating systems.

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