Starting A Small Business Soon? Here Are Some Solid Ideas You Should Try

Small BusinessStarting a business is not an easy feat. Besides, statistics have it that 70% of people who start a business will fail at it. However, getting your business all up and running fine will only be the problem you have to face after you must have generated a business idea.

Basic Business Requirements

For any business to thrive, you will need to invest a good amount of money into it. In many cases, it is advisable to use SBA loans while in other situations, you might already be well-equipped financially to handle the starting up on your own. Some businesses require equipment, space, and human resources. Others would simply be using a little brain work. Whichever the case, you’ll need capital to start and you must get it.

Here is a list of some formidable business ideas you can use in 2021:


Since the inception of the internet, so many business models have arisen and blogging is just one out of the many. Blogs are basically online magazines that are created in various niches so people can read and get information, advice, or resources that suit their needs from. A popular blog, Techcrunch, which focuses on the tech industry began as a hobby and subsequently turned into a business that was acquired for around $25M. Another popular blog, Buzzfeed, which focuses on millennial news has also become a big-time business.

The blogging space is a very competitive one and a little over 4.4 million blog posts are published daily. Due to this increase in demand, blogging has become a gold mine. To get started, you will, first of all, decide on your niche. It could be business, lifestyle, beauty, finance, etc. After deciding, you study and understand how search engine marketing, content marketing, writing and editing, and digital marketing mechanisms work and help a business. You will need to apply the new knowledge acquired immediately

The next action would be to purchase a domain name, create a blog-style website with WordPress; then set up hosting and Google Analytics so you will know the statistics of people that read from your blog daily. Develop a content plan and set up social media profiles that you will be using to drive traffic to yourself. You can also engage in advertisements to drive more engagement in your blog. Blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme, rather it’s a relatively low-cost business to start and grow.


This is a simple process where you list some suppliers’ products on your online store or selling platform without necessarily buying upfront. Here, you have a simple deal with the supplier that you will advertise the products and when the customer needs it, you contact him to deliver while you get an added percentage from the price. You control the entire buying process.

This is an eCommerce system where you don’t need a store or warehouse. Beginning a successful eCommerce business means you must select the right products i.e the ones that solve real problems for customers. Get hold of a certain niche or trend then capitalize on it and get profit. In terms of marketing, you can reach your customers by employing social media tools such as ads. There are Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and even google ads.

Residential Cleaning Services

Having the house cleaned by some other person used to be something done by the rich and wealthy class in the society. In this age and time, people are getting a lot busier as the day goes by. More and more people are willing to pay much more just to have their home cleaned while they focus on other things they consider to be more important. Residential cleaning is usually done either on a weekly basis or monthly basis. All you need to start this business is just to get some inexpensive cleaning materials. Other requirements remain knowledge of both cleaning products and procedures, strong organizational ability, and the capacity to attract and keep reliable and trustworthy staff.Staff

Delivery Services

If you are looking for an easy business you can start with your vehicle, then delivery service is one of the easiest. All you need is a good driving record and your vehicle of course. If you can deliver items and/or products efficiently and quickly, you will surely be enjoying lots of business deals from local business owners, shipping companies, and private individuals very soon. For heavy goods, you can hire a heavy-duty vehicle to assist you. Don’t leave out the task of developing a strategy on how to make your business popular. Social media platforms are a good and cost-efficient place to use for promotional purposes.

Event Planning

Are you a person with good organizational ability and who pays extreme attention to details? Do you have strong interpersonal communications skills to discuss and negotiate issues and plans? Then, you should consider an event planning or management business. It can be such a great idea for a small business startup. Event planners prepare events all year round; from musical concerts to business conferences and such, you’ll have an endless list of possibilities. Government organizations, non-profit organizations, municipalities, hotels, and cooperations always have a need for event managers to put everything in order: their conferences, ceremonies, etc.

You can even specialize in a particular type of event; say weddings or burials, and the beautiful part is that you don’t even need a degree to be an event planner. An eye for detailed attention is all that matters here.

Local Tour Guide

When you live in a place that others love to visit and you happen to be someone that loves meeting new people, then a local tour guide would be a perfect business for your personality. Clearly, this idea is only for people living in an area that attracts lots of tourists.

While historical strolling tourists are your obvious clients, don’t forget some natural wonders that the locals might have taken for granted. All you need to get started in this business option is a wealth of knowledge of the sites, places, and festivals and other unique activities that you know will thrill any visitor. Master some strong communication skills, and have a good physical mobility

The list of small business ideas one can engage in is inexhaustible. Nevertheless, you can always start with any of those already discussed here especially if you are thinking of starting with little or zero capital. Get into business and enjoy personal freedom from those regular 9-5 office jobs. You’ll make lots of profits and enjoy a better, unmonitored business life.