Sports Education In Different Countries

Higher education abroad is no longer a pipe dream, but a reality of our time. And this applies not only to the sciences and humanities. Sports fans and professionals also have a lot of opportunities to study at the leading sports colleges and universities in the world. We suggest you get acquainted with the best of them. If you’re wondering how to achieve academic success, choosing the right college is half the battle.

Sports universities abroad

Introducing popular sports universities in Europe:

  1. Lausanne, Switzerland – a unique 15-month program for students from all over the world.
  2. Madrid, Spain – a great opportunity to prove yourself in any field of soccer direction.
  3. Apeldoorn, Holland – learn how to analyze, evaluate commercial, managerial forces in the sports business.
  4. Marseille, France – the curriculum covers strategy related to marketing and responsible events.
  5. Molde, Norway – a master’s in sports management is designed to prepare students for executive positions in the sports industry.
  6. Kufstein, Austria – allows you to learn how to manage events with a strong international focus.

Sports Education: United Kingdom

Leeds Beckett University, Leeds.

One of the most popular universities in Britain – world-class programs, amazing campus, and comfortable atmosphere for studying. The building of the university is located in one of the largest cities in the kingdom, the center of the county of Yorkshire – Leeds. This is a large student center, where study more than 200 thousand students.

At Carnegie, programs of study are linked to the fields of sport and business, industry and hospitality, event management, and teacher education.  Classes and research are offered through three academic schools: the School of Education and Childhood, the School of Sport, and the School of Showmanship, Tourism, and Hospitality. Several dozen undergraduate programs with BA, BSc degrees are offered, some of which are: Sport and Exercise Science, Sport Business Management, Entertainment Management.

Entrance Requirements: High School Diploma with good marks in core subjects, Completion of the International Foundation Year or A-Level, IELTS 6.0-6.5.

Age of applicants: from 17 years old.

Duration of study: 3 years full-time, 4 years with “sandwich route” practice, integrated master’s degree 3+1 years.

Cost of tuition: £9,500.

Upon completion of the Master’s degree program (Postgraduate Programs), graduates are awarded the degrees MA, MSc, Med: Master of Education, Leisure, Sport and Culture, Sports Business.

Entrance Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in a relevant subject with good grades, IELTS 6.0-6.5.

Age of Entry: 21 and over.

Duration of study: 6-18 months full-time.

Cost: £10,000

The University offers the opportunity to receive one of the Carnegie Sports Scholarships, backed up by club membership and other privileges.

Sports Education: Spain

Soccer World Academy, Barcelona

The academy provides the opportunity for young soccer players from different countries to enter professional soccer in Spain. Students can be children as young as 4 years old and adults up to 25 years old.

Available programs:

  • a program for field players;
  • goalkeeper program;
  • soccer coach;
  • soccer team programs.

All students are provided with housing or assistance in finding and renting it, as well as insurance, a bank account, a Spanish/English course, transportation to matches, club, hospital, technique and tactics classes, and much more.

A prerequisite for admission to the academy is the absence of any obligations and contracts linking students to other clubs and soccer federations.

The cost of the program depends on the type of services provided.

Sánchez Casal Tennis Academy, Barcelona

It is called the “forge” of world tennis stars. Academia Sánchez Casal has several programs of study, including a private American school with the possibility of living in the Academy residence.

Children from 10 to 18 years old are accepted for a year-long course at the sports boarding school. Tuition is €19,675.74 per year (tennis academy tuition), €13,742.87 per year (residence), €9,000 per year (private school tuition). Sánchez Casal has quite a few sponsors, thanks to which particularly successful students can expect to receive a scholarship.

Studying at a sports boarding school implies a certain level of tennis. The level is assessed by the coaching staff of the Academy.

Czech Republic

Sports programs from the International Union of Youth

The programs are designed for groups of 10 people or more, both professional soccer, tennis, and hockey players and amateurs. This is a great opportunity to communicate and train with the real stars of hockey, soccer, and tennis, to gain international experience and improve your foreign language skills. With excellent performance, it is possible that you may be offered to sign a contract and play for a professional club.

There are a number of programs, each of which is attractive in its own way.

MSM Football Academy + One Year Program at CZU

This is a new one-year program for kids who want to prepare for the top Czech universities and become professional soccer players.

Summer Course Football + English

Intensive 1-month course in Prague including soccer and English. You will watch the scouts of the best Czech teams while practicing and playing. The most successful players will be offered to play in the Czech Republic.

Tennis + English summer course

A summer program for children from 14 years. Includes intensive tennis and English course. Both amateurs and professional tennis players are encouraged to participate.

Fitness Health Academy Summer Course + English

A program designed for young people to improve their physical health. The course lasts one month. Click here for more information.

The U.S.


The company, founded in 2003, helps applicants from Russia and CIS countries to apply to universities in the USA and receive Sport-scholarship. It is a program of American universities, which allows paying scholarships to student-athletes based on their sports and academic performance. Funding can be as high as $58,000 per year and can cover from 30 to 100% of tuition. No other country in the world offers this program. Scholarships are awarded in 30 different sports.

Students in grades 8-11 and students in years 1-3 can participate in the scholarship program. An important condition for receiving funding is to play sports at a professional level.

Universities participating in the program are listed in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), and National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) catalogs.

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