Some tips and tricks for beginners to follow when playing escape from tarkov

Escape from tarkov is very different from other games as it’s a game that requires serious skill and a lot of grind. Not many people play it but once you start playing it, you won’t be able to stop yourself from playing eft. But, this game can take quite a while for you to learn as it’s not like other games and requires a lot of skill and game sense. There are many things in this game because it’s not like any other battle royale game. It’s a farming game where you farm and upgrade your stuff to another level. You go on raids, collect loot, etc. This game is very different from games like Call Of Duty, Fortnite, Apex Legends, etc.

You might also face many hackers in this game because the aimbot people use for eft is very common to get and easy to use. You can this aimbot for eft from They have the best aimbots out there but if you get caught using an aimbot, you might get IP banned meaning you’ll never be able to play eft again. So. be wise when using an aimbot. However, hacks and cheats should not be allowed as it ruins the game experience for other people who are trying too hard to get better at the game. Hacks won’t prove you’re good at the game, it just means you’re taking the help of a third-party software just to win games. Hackers are probably the biggest problem in eft right now because of how common eft aimbots are these days. Everyone’s just buying and using them and eft devs do not seem to be doing anything for it. This is why many people are also backing out from eft and switching to another game.

If any eft dev is reading this article, please work on your anti-cheat system, so that hackers can get banned and not ruin other people’s gaming experience. You’ll only keep losing your player base if you don’t do anything about it.

Let’s talk about what there is in eft. There are many things in eft like you could do scav runs, raids and, etc. You’ll learn all this by practising and you can only achieve that if you grind this game every day. The aim is probably the most important skill required in this game as that is exactly why most people are using aimbots in this game. This game is very addictive, so think twice before buying this game. If you’re up for the grind, then what are you waiting for, go and get the game right now and dive straight into some eft action.

Here are some tips a beginner should follow when playing eft:

Play scav runs

Scav runs are made for beginners as your money will be saved when going for a scav run. However, your loot won’t be safe so, if anyone kills, they’ll probably take some of your loot which you don’t want to happen as it takes quite some time to gather some good loot. So, whenever you go for a scav run, try not to take valuable things with you.

Only play on one map

There are a lot of maps in eft so it’ll take ages for you to master all the maps. It’s always better to stick to just one map. It’ll be easier for you to just stick to one map as you’ll learn everything about it quickly through which you’ll be able to outplay your opponents and take their loot. There are many hiding and looting spots on one map, so it’s just not possible for you to learn every map’s hiding and looting spots. Even if you do, there’s no chance, you’ll be able to play the right way, as you’ll be playing as you play on other maps. Every map has its game style and learning many different game styles is just not possible. So, it’s better if you stick to just one or two maps max.

Use insurance

Before going on a raid, you should always use insurance on your gear so even if you die, you won’t lose your gear as it’ll be insured. Insurance is very cheap, it’s only for 10k rubles which is not hard to gather.