Solid Ways You Can Come Up With The Perfect Costume To Express Your Fandom

Are you a fanatic of several things like Sci-Fi, Halloween, or a certain sport? Whatever sport or activity you are a die-hard fan of, you can always play around with your costumes to express your fandom. Gone are the days when you would be forced to keep it to yourself the passion you have for anything you are a fan of. Next time you have a big game loading, upgrade your wardrobe to fly your’ team’s flag higher. You only need to gather the relevant pieces of costumes to express your devotion. Below are some of the solid ways you can use to come up with the perfect costume to express your fandom.Fandom


You can choose to make your own DIY Harry Potter costumes if you are his fandom. It can be one of the best costumes for well-respected book characters. You only need to have a quidditch robe, a fluffy, scarf with some red and yellow stripes, or a spindly ward. You can also have all these if it’s possible. You can also crochet for your little one a lion head hat for her Luna Lovegood cosplay. Crocheting only requires you to have some basic skills, and you are set to crochet a Halloween hat or costume. Crocheting is highly versatile and allows you to play around with several sculptural crafts. Crotcheting’s versatility also allows you to use 3D items like armor and helmets. Should you choose 3D items, cosplay experts  recommend that you use 3d printers for cosplay. The 3D printers have a higher speed and will guarantee you quality. These printers can also allow you to print big volumes of costumes while saving you a lot of time because of their speed.

Put Together Funny Pieces of Cloth

You can make a punny costume using a woodchuck of a lumberjack. Remember puns are a big way to make yourself laugh at your costume and make other people smile once you have your costume on. It is indeed a very clever costume. You can start off by putting on a plaid shirt, some overalls and a pair of jeans. Put on some beard wig or play with eyeliner to create a fake beard. You can be more creative and attach some ears made from construction paper. You can use a beanie instead and cut some fierce large teeth out of some white construction paper to make your woodchuck look complete. Further still, you can carry around a piece of wood or a log just to create an impression of gnawing on it. To add more fun to it, you can respond to people who shall ask you the name of your costume, by asking them how much wood a woodchuck can chuck.

Cutting and Sewing

Do you want to fandom a dinosaur? It’s super easy. You can dress up like a dinosaur and carry with you a thesaurus for an intriguing wordplay. You need a hoodie, some matching pants, a matching color fleece, your preferred color felt, a white felt, an elastic role, a pair of scissors, some thread that matches the fabrics, fiberfill, sewing pins, and a sewing needle. Depending on your body size, you can make appropriate cuttings to make a tail. Sew the pieces of cloth you have cut out and make a complete dinosaur costume. If your fabrics are not matching, you can paint them to have the desired color. Ensure you use clothes that you will not regret pinning and cutting. Old fabrics or those not in use would be best to use.

Recycling Materials

You can recycle materials like newspapers, cardboards, and packing materials to make such items as face masks, shields, box-dragons, fairy wings, hats, and even shields. You can make a Halloween fairy costume from newspapers. You need some staple pins and some time. You can also make a mermaid fishy dress all from grocery bags and newspapers.  You can also make an animal mask of the animal you fandom from construction paper. You simply need to be artistic, cut out the eyes, mouth, and any other feature your fandom animal has then color it to mimic the actual color of that particular animal.Costume Design

You can use what you have at your disposal to come up with the perfect costume to show your fandom. Whether you fandom animals, Halloween, influential individuals, or even sports activities, you can be innovative and creative enough to make ideal costumes from home. With some basic skills of crocheting, cutting, and sewing, it can be so easy and fun for you. You can recycle different materials like grocery bags and newspapers to make the dresses and skirts you want. Technology can also help.